Green Point Athletics stadium, formerly known as Green Point Common is in the process of getting a face-lift, forming an integral part of the new Green Point Urban Parks initiative to upgrade facilities in Green Point, Cape Town.

WSP was commissioned to design the stadium’s PA system, fire detection, CCTV, 10 lane track timing system which includes the timing scoreboard, as well as plumbing and drainage services. The CCTV system covers the precinct of the Common and will be controlled and operated by the city wide integrated CCTV surveillance department.

The PA system has to comply with the strict noise level conditions prescribed by the city’s by-law due to the residences bordering the extent of the site.

WSP is also providing technical consulting services by designing and specifying the required equipment and services as per the clients brief. WSP is providing assistance with specialist services such as the track timing and ensuring these services are integrated into the fabric of the building.

The PA system will be situated on the roof of the stadium with strict aesthetic requirements set in place as prescribed by the architects together with superior sound quality for the stadium spectators and the near field athletics.

Innovative technology has been used to ensure that the PA system dissipates noise in compliance with the city’s noise regulations on the boundary of the precinct. The CCTV cameras are positioned strategically, to enable a comprehensive view of pedestrians, vehicles and public transport movements. This will complement the city’s integrated security programme and facilitate events which occur within the stadiums proximity.

This project, which commenced in January 2012 and set to be completed by the end of December 2012, will surely add some high tech flare to the already beautiful stadium.

WSP Group Africa believes in innovative, sustainable design, engineering and management solutions, to contribute to a sustainable future.

List of contractors

• Developer: City of Cape Town
• Building type: Sport and Recreation
• Architects: LKA / Jakupa
• Electrical engineer:Arcus Gibb
• Electronics: WSP
• Mechanical engineer: Integrate Consulting Engineers
• Lifts: WSP
• Project manager: BKS / Ariya Projects
• Quantity Surveyors: Davis Langdon
• Structural engineers: Henry Fagan
• Landscaping: OVP
• Project Cost: R110 million

Green Point Athletic Common