A revolutionary new mobile self-contained trailer for oily water separation has been introduced to the local market. Water&Sanitation Africa reports on the system’s capabilities.

Industrial operations in South Africa can now benefit from Procon Environmental Technology’s recently-launched self-contained trailer unit, which will assist users in smaller scale and shorter term applications, where a permanent oil separation system is not required.

Procon chief environmental engineer, Jacques Steyn, explains that the mobile unit, which is mounted on a 2 t double axel trailer 2mx4m, can be easily transported, and is ideally-suited for use in the removal of hydrocarbon pollution from areas such as open dams, rivers, lakes, water ways and existing oil and water separation pits.

“The mobile unit comes standard with Ultraspin hydrocyclone technology – a hydrocyclone system which is able to remove 95% of 10-15 micron oil droplets; thereby, ensuring environmental compliance and cleaner production objectives, while providing a more cost-effective method of dealing with oil and suspended solids in water,” he explains.

Steyn notes that the force generated in the vortex of the Ultraspin system is 1 000 times greater than that of gravity, which ensures that a good oily wastewater treatment can be accomplished, even with emulsified oil droplets.

What’s more, Steyn highlights the fact that the mobile unit also comes fitted with the Mycelx hydrocarbon filtration system, a patented oil removal technology which is specifically designed to provide industries in ecologically sensitive areas with the ability to treat the water further to non-detectable limits of hydrocarbons.

“Procon’s Mycelx hydrocarbon filtration solution guarantees 99.9% removal of hydrocarbons to meet stormwater discharge limits, thereby ensuring that clients meet the national standard of less than 2.5 parts per million (ppm),” he continues.

Steyn adds that the Mycelx hydrocarbon matrix is designed to remove hydrocarbons ranging from BTEX to crude oil, sheen, chlorinated hydrocarbons, PCBs, organic solvents, pesticides and organically bound metals from wastewater. “Mycelx instantly bonds to hydrocarbons, causing them to become hydrophobic and viscoelastic. The system also guarantees to provide the user with an unparalleled water polishing system when combined with Ultraspin.”

Steyn points out that the introduction of the mobile unit is testament to the company’s commitment to provide unrivalled service to its clients through innovation and technology. “Procon’s approach to business has always been to exceed its clients’ requirements with highly reliable products and services, and the introduction of the mobile unit to the local market places the company in a strong position to play a significant role in reducing the environmental impact of industries.”