Subsurface pipeline construction and rehabilitation company Trenchless Technologies who have represented Terra AG in Southern Africa since 1994, reports that the TERRA-JET TJ 2808 S Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) machine from TERRA Switzerland is now available.

Trenchless Technologies Managing Member Sam Efrat explains that the TERRA-JET TJ 2808 S is the most powerful pit-mounted machine and is now available in a tracked version to provide exceptional mobility, versatility and power. The TERRA-JET sets new standards in the eight to ten ton class of HDD machinery.

One such standard is operator comfort: “A key consideration during the design of this compact HDD machine was the operator’s working station in order to provide easy handling of the machine. Even large operators can sit comfortably on the control platform, which can be turned from the driving position up to a 90 degree position,” explains Efrat.

Depending on ground conditions, the TERRA-JET TJ 2808 S produces directional bores in lengths up to 150 metres and back reams up to ø 420 mm. Efrat explains that this can be realised with a maximum torque of 2’800 Nm and thrust and pulling forces of 80 kN (8 tons), while the large drilling fluid pump produces 100 litres per minute of bentonite drilling fluid.

The patented Automatic Drilling and Backreaming System (ADBS) is designed to ‘sense’ the ground and adjusts the drilling and backreaming speed automatically to the ground conditions within milliseconds. “As a result, the HDD machine always operates at its optimum – the drill rods are never overloaded and the operator can control the drilling and backreaming procedure in a relaxed manner,” explains Efrat.

The TERRA-JET TJ 2808 S Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) machine