Kaytech’s Rockgrid KX is now being packaged and marketed as Miragrid GX, in order to keep in line with international branding.

Miragrid GX, formerly Rockgrid KX, is an open mesh structure geogrid which acts to structurally increase the load bearing capacity and tensile resistance of the soil beyond its natural limits. Manufactured from polymer coated high tenacity polyester yarns, Miragrid GX geogrids ensure the long-term structural stability of reinforced soil structures.

The product’s grade annotation remains the same, with the following grades offered in Miragrid GX:

40/40                                       80/30

60/60                                       100/30

60/30                                       130/30


Importantly, RockgridKX is not to be confused with RockgridPC, which is a composite reinforcing geotextile offering the reinforcement characteristics of geogrids and wovens in conjunction with the favourable hydraulic qualities of nonwovens.

For more information on Miragrid GX or other Kaytech products, visit www.kaytech.co.za