Echo Pre-stress has shown confidence in its product by erecting a security wall at its pre-stressed hollow-core factory in Chloorkop, Gauteng, using its own pre-stressed hollow-core concrete slabs.

According to Echo Pre-stress marketing director, Melinda Esterhuizen, here are several advantages to this type of walling, namely speed of construction and cost. With a construction rate of approximately 50 linear metres per day, it is considerably faster to install than an in-situ wall.

The wall is also very strong. “Intruders cannot scale it, dig under it or break through it without making a great deal of noise and taking a very long time,” says Esterhuizen. The walls comprise five tiers of interlocking slabs measuring 6m x 1.2m x 150mm, placed horizontally and secured into position between vertical steel columns. Its highest point, reaches 5,4m and a 0,6m section of the wall is buried below ground. It is made of 50MPa concrete, making it difficult for even a jackhammer to break through it.

The wall has a very long life span and requires no maintenance other than occasional cleaning.