South Africa, home to over 51 million people, has seen its fair share of natural disasters. Now another one looms: water shortages can become a reality very soon, writes Malcolm Corns of SafeQuip.

As more and more people migrate into cities from rural villages, the pressure for the city to meet water demands is ever increasing. Although South Africa can boast one of the cleanest water systems in the world, a lack of sanitation and access to adequate water supply in the rural communities increases the threat of waterborne disease – a threat that can potentially affect millions of people each day.

It is for this reason that Australian water treatment, transfer, conservation and filtration specialist Davey Water Products (Davey) has recently established a distribution agreement into the country with local firefighting equipment wholesaler, distributor and manufacturer SafeQuip.

Considered the leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of firefighting and water-related equipment in Southern Africa, SafeQuip has pioneered innovative solutions in various industries for over three decades.

With an extensive range of SABS-approved products, SafeQuip delivers a one-stop-shop solution for products for the transfer, conservation, treatment and filtration of water, servicing some of the toughest environmental and climatic conditions on the continent.

Davey’s International Business Development manager, Gary Dryden, says: “The Australian and South African market conditions have many similarities. It has been a strategic focus for the company to grow its footprint in this country by entering into a strategic partnership with a distributor that is well-positioned and already operates within key market channels.”

He adds that the SafeQuip management team are prepared to invest in creating product awareness, warehousing of stock and spare parts, developing product support and training for customers as well as staff.

“What Davey looks for is a partnership that will help build the brand in such a way that market expectations are met in a sustainable and profitable manner. The correct partnerships are essential as the manufacturer, distributor and client all have to benefit from the relationship in order for it to be a success.”

SafeQuip Brand Manager for Davey Malcolm Corns was appointed to develop brand awareness in South Africa and to solidify the companies’ working relationship. “Traditionally, the Davey Firefighter has been known as South Africa’s leading firefighting engine-driven pump and over the years has become a product with a single focus,” states Corns. “Davey’s range offers various approaches to influence and change the way in which water is transferred, consumed and used. In other words, the way in which water is conserved and used efficiently.

“This requires introducing new, dependable, innovative water solutions when and where people need them, supported by the best service and advice.”

The implementation of the agreement is now taking place with business structures being developed to expand the product ranges offered and at the same time building up the level of stock and dedicated support materials. Eight SafeQuip employees have already visited the Davey factory in Australia for product training.

Product range

Dryden says Davey’s expectations for the success of its product range in South Africa are high. “There are enough similarities in the market to suggest that if we get it right in terms of product quality – supported by the excellent service offered by SafeQuip with us supporting their efforts – we will be successful in this market.

“Our goal at this stage is to get the product support structure correct. After that, work on getting the other business functions in place will continue.”

The product range includes household pressure and booster systems, firefighter, pumps, floodfighter pumps, pressure tanks, shallow and deep well jet pumps, sump pumps, water treatment units, rainwater harvesting and purification equipment, as well as pond pumps, submersible borehole pumps and vertical multistage pumps.

Pressure boosters and Torrium 2

The pressure boosting systems are used to increase the pressure of a stored water source being supplied through a pipe and pump system. These products are useful to boost water pressure to households, commercial properties and rural areas such as temporary settlements.

The combination of the high pressures supplied by these systems and constant flow control provided by the Torrium [CN1] enables consumers to enjoy the benefits of a strong comfortable shower from a pump that does not cycle plus the reliability of adaptive technology.

The pressure boosting products include the Davey HP, Davey HS, Davey HM, Davey XP, Davey XJ and Davey CT, all of which feature the Davey Torrium 2 smart controller. The controller is designed to supply pressure-boosted water at a constant flow and also incorporates high-level pump protection.

Other features of the Torrium 2 include:

A quick cut-in for even water pressure: It senses water demand quickly ensuring there is no lag in the supply, cutting in when the pressure has dropped to 80% of the previous top (shut-off) pressure.

Great hydraulic performance and dry run protection: It is designed with large pathways and has no moving parts. The design reduces energy waste and ensures the pumps performance is unaffected at high flow rates. Dry run protection prevents damage when the pump runs dry by stopping the pump.

Auto-retry and adaptive starting: Auto-retry enables the pump to reset itself after a loss of water, reducing system downtime. Adaptive starting adapts to reduce cut-in pressure when a small leak is detected.

Water harvesting

“An efficient rainwater harvesting system can take advantage of the rainwater that falls on our homes. By harvesting rainwater for toilets and laundry usage, up to 40% of your home’s average domestic water usage can be saved.”

Davey’s RainBank is ideal for metropolitan rainwater harvesting on homes, toilet blocks and garden irrigation. It automatically switches between rainwater and mains water supply, so there is no need for consumer intervention.

Its unique patented, yet uncomplicated technology, provides a dependable solution to rainwater harvesting, saving valuable water reserves and monthly costs.

Washdown and irrigation pumps

Davey also offers washdown and small irrigation water transfer pumps. The washdown pumps are ideal for cleaning agricultural operations or heavy equipment. For washdown applications, the pump provides high pressure while using little water.

The pumps are also great for providing properly pressurised irrigation inside the forestry nursery. The full range includes the Dynaflo 6000, SS series, XF series, CY series and JY series pumps as well as the Mukmova.

Vertical multistage pumps

These versatile pumps can be used individually or together in various applications such as agriculture, turf watering, pressure boosting, high-pressure washing, water treatment, boiler pressurisation as well as water supply for domestic, rural and industrial uses.

The VM series offers a full range of vertical multistage centrifugal pumps with all stainless steel hydraulic parts. The 56 models provide flow rates from 0.4 m3/hour an hour and pressures up to 230 m to suit a full range of domestic, farm and industrial applications. Standards pumps operate at 50 Hz.

Water treatment

Meanwhile, Davey also supplies water treatment and filtration products that can be used to convert stored water into safe drinking water. The filtration products include the AcquaShield filtration units and AcquaSafe, a unique product formulated to protect stored water from contamination helping to ensure a safe water supply.

SafeQuip’s knowledgeable staff are able to provide the best advice for choosing the correct pumps and water-related products for small to large operations in different industries ranging from agriculture to water conservation.

Corns states: “Success in the conservation of water will be determined by the success with which we manage our day-to-day water demands. Water conservation is not a maybe solution, but rather an insurance policy to our survival.”

 [CN1]Torrium 2?