Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn says Ethiopia is determined to share Nile River water with all riparian states.

Desalegn said that, although Ethiopia is the source of 86% of Nile water, the country believes it is a common resource, World Bulletin reported.

Desalegn stressed that Ethiopia has no intention to harm any riparian country. “The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will never hurt Egypt or Sudan,” he said.


Past conflict

Egypt has voiced concerns in the past against the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. The dam, located in Ethiopia, is one of the largest hydropower dam projects in Africa. Egypt has expressed fears that the project will decrease the volume of the water the country has been receiving from the Nile. The Ethiopian government has insisted on its right to develop its natural resources and believes that the dam will not significantly affect the water volume of the downstream countries.

At the end of June Ethiopia and Egypt agreed to immediately resume tripartite talks on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, following a meeting of countries’ leaders.