A focus on consistent quality and reliability forms the crux of any successful rental operation. Identifying equipment that provides maximised output and has minimal maintenance requirements is essential to business reputation and sustainability.

Lambson’s Hire recognises that compaction equipment, by the very nature of its operation, needs to be designed and constructed for the often arduous conditions experienced in South african operations.

Rohan Lambson, executive director of Lambson’s Hire, says that the company has taken a strategic decision to standardise on Masalta MR68 rammers and MDR65A walk-behind rollers. For the past 18 years, Masalta has grown its compaction offering and today has over 20 products aimed at various sections of the market.

Like Lambson’s Hire, this customer-oriented company pays close attention to the demands of industry and tailors products to match demand. Extensive market research and investment in development ensures that each item of compaction equipment fulfils a vital industry role.


MR68 rammers

The MR68 rammers are powered by a Honda 4-stroke petrol engine. Lambson points out that the selection of this particular model was motivated by a market trend towards 4-stroke engines, due to their quick-start capability and user friendliness.

The MR68 is an extremely economical machine to operate and is perfect for use on cohesive soils such as clay and silt, for small repair jobs and operation in confined areas such as trenches and housing sites.

These well balanced rammers are easy to operate and offer excellent manoeuvrability.

At only 68 kg, the rammer can be easily moved to and from as well as around sites.

The heavy-duty throttle control provides extended service life and the built-in filtration system provides cleaner air to the engine for improved durability. Operator comfort is ensured with the heavy shock mount system which dramatically reduces hand-arm vibration. The protective frame prevents possible engine damage on tough sites and the rammer shoe is manufactured from steel with a wooden insert to offer economical usage.


Masalta MDR65A

The Masalta MDR65A is a rugged walk-behind double drum vibratory roller designed for excellent compaction of gravel and asphalt surfaces for large and confined spaces. It differs from most chain or belt driven rollers with its fully hydraulically driven system comprising a hydraulic pump and motors.

The machine eliminates the need for regular periodic adjustments and changes, whilst providing infinitely variable working speed.

Driven by a Hatz 1840 engine with 7.5 kW output, the roller has minimum overhang for enhanced side and kerb clearance. The dual smooth drums, with bevelled edges, eliminate marks on compacted surfaces for a high quality, consistent finish and two scraper bars on each drum ensure a clean drum surface when working on asphalt.

The multi position handle and ergonomically designed, anti-vibration controls, coupled with the dead man control for reversing operations, provide both maximised operator safety and comfort.