Put sustainability at the core

Many companies use sustainability as a means for responding to pressure from the market or NGOs. It should rather be a core part of a company’s business model. Many early efforts focused on the transparency of the supply chain but this has since evolved to focus on manufacturing and efficiency.

Recruit the best

More and more young professionals view sustainable innovation as a way to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Young professionals aspire to work on cutting-edge technologies that have a real impact on the planet.

Look toward the future

Ideally sustainability and transparency should be symbiotic. Companies that practice the highest degrees of transparency are able tell positive stories through their history. In looking toward the future companies can set specific goals for its environmental footprint.

Maintain a focus on product

New products should always be lighter, faster, better and ultimately more renewable than their predecessors. Innovation and technology are keys aspects to achieving this. Aspects like embodied energy are not excluded from this.

Give back to the community

Sustainability is ultimately about people. It is about creating a net positive benefit in the community where a company operates. This can include water, air, employment, taxes, health or safety. Companies should endeavour to operate by consistently giving back.