South Africa’s groundwater is under threat but one local geosynthetic linings company heard the call to make a  difference. Frances Ringwood reports.

“Not acid mine water but groundwater protection is going to be one of South Africa’s biggest water management challenges in future,” says independent water expert Dr Mike Muller in a panel discussion held two years ago in Johannesburg answering the question, “Is Gauteng water facing a crisis?” It’s long been known among industry professionals that the country’s groundwater is under threat, both from pollution and over abstraction. Few people or companies were taking decisive action on the matter – until now.

Specialist Geosynthetic linings contractor Aquatan Lining Systems, a company that installs Geosynthetics in water containment reservoirs, pollution control dams, floating cover reservoirs, tunnels, canals and also landfills has invested substantially in recent years to develop a barrier system which overcomes major technical challenges  which fulfills the unique climate, costs and legislative requirements of South Africa to ensure long term maximum groundwater protection.

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