Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Minister in the Presidency, Jeff Radebe, says coordinating, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the National Development Plan (NDP) is at the top of the department’s priorities.

Minister Radebe on Tuesday briefed media prior to tabling the department’s Budget Vote Speech. He said the department has committed to institutionalising long-term planning, building on the five years’ experience since it was established.

He said the department is pleased with the work it has done so far.

Operation Phakisa

Minister Radebe said since the launch of Operation Phakisa, the first project focusing on the Oceans Economy, key initiatives have been identified to realize the immense potential of the ocean’s economy to contribute to radical economic transformation.

“Progress made since the launch of the Oceans Economy Operation Phakisa includes commitment of R7 billion of public sector investment in our ports by Transnet Ports Authority, among other investments made,” said Minister Radebe.

He said the commencement of the construction of a new berth in Saldana Bay, the extension of the Mossgas Quay and the refurbishment of the Offshore Supply Base, valued at R9.2 billion of public and private investment, also shows progress made.

Also, the Minister said the recorded progress under Operation Phakisa is seen in the Department of Trade and Industry, which has designated that working vessels must meet a 60% local content target.

“The Treasury Instruction Note issued will ensure compliance with this in all tenders,” said the Minister.

He also said that various aquaculture projects which have been launched, that are benefiting many rural communities by enabling them to make a living from our seas and inland fresh water reserves, also show progress.

“Furthermore, the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) has developed skills implementation plans aligned with these initiatives.

“To this end, the South African International Maritime Institute (SAIMI) has been identified as the institution that would facilitate maritime skills development, with the support from DHET,” said Minister Radebe.

Health and mining sector

The second Operation Phakisa initiative introduced in 2014 was within the health sector, which focuses on improving the quality of services in primary health care.

Minister Radebe said a detailed plan for improving service delivery in public sector clinics in all provinces has been developed and approved by the National Health Council.

“We call this the Ideal Clinic initiative. It was undertaken in collaboration with provinces, districts, clinic managers as well as the private sector and non-profit sector.

“Operation Phakisa Labs will also be conducted in the mining and education sectors,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Minister said in the mining sector the focus will be on increasing investment, transforming the sector and improving the mineral beneficiation to drive radical economic transformation.

In education, the focus will be on Information and Communication Technology approach to enhancing basic education.