As Southern Africa battles one of the worst droughts on record in 100 years, the country has used social media to mobilise citizens and provide drinking water for those suffering under the throes of the dry spell.

One of the initiatives which has garnered widespread support from ordinary citizens and companies alike is #OperationHydrate. The initiative, which began as a Whatsapp group of volunteers, was started in response to the calls for water from the town of Senekal in the Free State.



Meanwhile the Department of Water and Sanitation has voiced its support of #OperationHydrate and similar initiatives and taken to twitter to promote innovation as a solution to some of the country’s water challenges.

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Property24The department is also using social media as a tool to disseminate information to keep the country up to date on what government is doing to combat the effects of the drought.

DWSNow more than ever more citizens are aware of the water issues facing South Africa, and social media is serving as a platform for the exchange of ideas between, government, citizens and organisations on how to deal with our challenges and the roles everyone has to play.

Water tweets

water tweets