Dean Thompson, CEO, Eviroserv

Dean Thompson, CEO, Eviroserv

Dean Thompson has been CEO at EnviroServ for seven months. This is not the only thing to have changed at the company in recent months; with the introduction of the new CEO, there is a new leadership team, a fresh strategy and an overall renewed enthusiasm.


How would you describe your management style?

DT  My management style fits perfectly with EnviroServ’s corporate culture. It is collaborative, results oriented and aligned with the company values. Through regular business updates, I engage with everyone at EnviroServ and ensure that the set organisational objectives are clearly explained to all levels of staff and, more importantly, that each employee understands their individual roles in assisting the company to reach its objectives.

I have endeavoured, since January this year, to openly share the company’s strategy – thus empowering the entire EnviroServ team to raise the waste game. Each and every employee is encouraged to contribute and share their ideas. On numerous occasions and through various channels I have reiterated that it is all of our responsibility to ensure that there is a singular customer experience across the different teams, regions, and countries. Our motto is “one company – one customer experience.”

Additionally, I would like to believe that I am a strong advocate for ethics and doing things right. I like to lead by example.


What are your thoughts on the waste management industry in sub-Saharan Africa?

The waste management industry offers an essential service – it is a critical industry. South Africa and most of the countries in which we operate face challenges, like any other industry. A lot of countries face very similar conditions, as they have a dependence on the oil and gas, and mining industries. Unfortunately, these sectors are under pressure and are presently severely impacted by the economic downturn. This has proved to be a challenge for the waste industry, with customers calling on the industry to lower costs.

At EnviroServ, we see this as an opportunity to find new, innovative ways of doing business. Due to these pressures, we have had to embrace this period as a unique opportunity to find new ways to offer cost-effective waste management services to customers. Our industry is highly regulated and EnviroServ, at all times, offers compliant solutions. We offer peace of mind to our customers.

I have witnessed a mindset shift at EnviroServ; our people are thinking out of the box and look for new, compliant ways of doing business that will benefit customers. This is perhaps just what the waste management industry needs.


What is your future strategy?

Our mission, as EnviroServ, is to:

  • offer effective and economically viable waste solutions
  • focus on enhancing customer sustainability
  • provide environmental peace of mind
  • develop innovative waste solutions.

The EnviroServ strategy is a well-thought-out plan that has been influenced by relevant legislation, customers’ waste solutions needs, our brand promise and government’s waste strategy. We are committed to maintaining and growing our leadership position in Africa through a diversified service offering.

EnviroServ’s key enablers to the strategy are:

  • motivated and informed staff
  • exceptional customer service
  • transformation
  • innovative product and service offerings
  • cost-effective and agile operations.


What can customers look forward to?

Customers can look forward to a new diversified product and service offering that has recently been launched. It also aligns nicely with the waste hierarchy. I am also excited by the renewed commitment from employees to assist customers. We will continually launch new innovations that will benefit our customers.


Thompson is further supported by a newly transformed board. He sits on the Chemical and Allied Industries’ Association board and regularly attends association meetings.

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