A Continental tyres store. Picture: Supplied

A Continental tyres store. Picture: Supplied

Tyre manufacturer Continental recently won the Tyre Manufacturer of the Year award at the Tyre Technology Expo 2017 in Hanover, Germany.

Nikolai Setzer, an executive member on Continental’s board, said: “We are very excited about this award because it appreciates several technology projects and innovations that we have already realised, working consistently within the scope of our Vision 2025 long-term growth strategy.”

He added that the award would also motivate Continental’s team, globally. Continental previously won this award in 2014.

The following factors contributed to Continental’s win:

  • Opening of the High Performance Technology Centre in Korbach, Germany
  • Taraxagum project that involves setting up a research centre in Anklam, Germany, for the industrialisation of natural rubber from dandelion roots
  • Production of the first ever truck tyre with tread made of dandelion rubber

Research and development centre

Continental announced the launch of a research and development centre for agricultural tyres in Lousado, Portugal, and the expansion of Continental’s truck tyre production operations in Otrokovice, Czech Republic.

“Consumers of everything from ultra-high performance tyres to agricultural ones, in markets from Europe to China will benefit from Continental’s outstanding commitment to investment in research and development, testing and manufacturing in the past 12 months,” panel judge Graham Heeps said.

This annual award for innovation and excellence honours bright ideas and the hard work put in by the tyre design and production industry.

Candidates are either nominated by the readers of Tire Technology International or put forward by the editorial staff, and based on votes from the independent panel of experts, winners are chosen.