Greater technology adoption in the transport sector has been championed by experts who claim that not only will it increase efficiency in the industry, but help boost the economy.

According to the latest Logistics Barometer published by Stellenbosch University, transport is the most significant segment when it comes to the cost of logistics. In 2014, it accounted for 57% of the total cost of logistics.

More recently, the transport sector has been adopting a more technological approach to products in the industry.

Freight and logistics company Linebooker, a subsidiary of CCS Logistics, has launched an online-bidding platform that connects transport customers and trucking companies to offer transparent pricing, as well as end-to-end delivery facilitation services.

The company’s MD Naudé Rademan said: “It’s time for South Africa’s road freight industry to join the 21st century.”

“Technology exposes the imbalanced relation between buyers and sellers, and with our online tools and a single point of service, customers can enjoy more control and insights over the transport of various goods and products,” he added.

The company operates across South Africa and its new online platform not only increases client engagement and provides a better user experience, but arranges the transportation of goods quickly.

How the platform works

The platform allows clients to submit online load requests which then alert multiple transporters who use the system. These transporters then have two hours to provide quotes for the transportation of the load, which can often result in competing quotes until then end of the two hour timeframe.

For transport customers, the system is said to offer average savings of up to 13% per load.

Transporters are vetted by the company, the entire delivery process is facilitated, and payment is made every 15 days.

The platform also allows transporters an opportunity to network with customers and expand its database.