Veolia's wastewater plant.

Veolia’s wastewater plant.

One of South Africa’s prominent water treatment companies recently got to show off its plant at the United Nations (UN) World Water Day Summit which was recently hosted in Durban.

As a leading water and wastewater treatment company, Veolia Water Technologies showcased its technologies that facilitate the re-use of industrial and municipal water, and which create sustainable water resources to meet the population’s growing demands.

“Africa’s water is too valuable to be used only once,” the company’s general manager Sagren Govender said. As a result, the company makes used of more than 350 technologies to treat and re-use water. Veolia also provides customised water and wastewater treatment solutions to address water sustainability.

Water treatment

The company treats municipal sewage for industrial re-use at the plant. This has resulted in a lower-cost and environmentally sustainable alternative to using drinking water as process water.

Govender said the company also showcased how its activated sludge, clarification and filtration technologies can be customised to address various local and international water concerns.

“The Summit was a great platform for Veolia to showcase its technologies with delegates across the world, addressing both small and large-scale water treatment possibilities, to enable stakeholders to reach their goals of sustainable water resource development,” Govender said.

“Growing water sustainably is a global concern and by changing preconceived notions of wastewater treatment, the Summit successfully addressed how municipality and industry leaders alike can implement cost-effective and practical water treatment solutions to give water several lives,” he added.

Veolia’s water treatment plant was South Africa’s first PPP water re-use plant, carried out under the Durban Water Recycling Project. It currently helps the local municipality divert potable water from large industrial consumers and supplies previously underserviced communities.