City Power cherry picker Photo City of Johannesburg

Photo: City of Johannesburg

City Power has launched a pilot project aimed at reducing the turn-around time for low-voltage unplanned power interruptions.

Under the slogan “serving you at electricity speed”, the initiative seeks to convert City Power trucks and quantum vehicles into mobile warehouses and panel vans, in which materials will be kept for maintenance.

According to Councillor Nico de Jager MMC for Environment and Infrastructure Services this will allow technicians to go on-site immediately.

“Often when power outages occur, it can take hours for City Power technicians to arrive at the scene, due to first having to place an order for materials at the office and thereafter having to collect it from the store,” he explains.

“This procedure unnecessarily delays the turn-around process, and results in technicians often being stuck in traffic, instead of making their way directly to the site,” he continues.

More conversions in the pipeline

De Jager says that if the one-month pilot project yields positive results, the power utility will convert move vehicles into mobile warehouses and panel vans.

“I will be monitoring the project closely, and will provide feedback on the outcomes of this initiative,” he notes.

“City Power is entrusted by many residents of Johannesburg to provide quality electricity services, and if this initiative is successful, residents will have unplanned low-voltage power outages tended to swiftly, with minimum negative impact,” De Jager concludes.