File photo of a wastewater treatment plant. Picture: Supplied.

File photo of a wastewater treatment plant. Picture: Supplied.

The City of Cape Town is making treated wastewater available to businesses that depend on water for their operations.

The initiative forms part of the City’s efforts to drive down water consumption amidst the unprecedented drought plaguing the Western Cape.

Speaking at a visit to the Potsdam Wastewater Treatment Works, Mayor Patricia de Lille said that despite efforts by residents and businesses to reduce their consumption of water, the city is still not saving enough to avoid Day Zero.

“The City remains steadfast in its commitment to creating an enabling environment for businesses to thrive and to doing everything we can to bring additional sources of water on stream. The City is using and reusing every drop of water we can with treated wastewater now made available to businesses.”

Business on board

The city has made seven treated wastewater draw-off points available to businesses and allocated R2.4 million to make 24 more points available to businesses.

“More than 200 businesses are using treated effluent from permanent pipelines, while 150 businesses are collecting treated effluent at wastewater treatment works and draw-off points,” De Lille noted.

“As Capetonians we are changing our relationship with water – a scarce resource. We have to adapt to use every drop of water several times where possible – be it as drinkable or non-potable water. I commend these companies that are adapting to the New Normal,” the mayor concluded.

Businesses that want to apply can visit the City’s website.