Pikitup imageMunicipalities around the country have issued notices alerting residents that municipal waste staff are strictly prohibited from asking for ‘Christmas boxes’ this festive season.

In a statement released on Tuesday the City of Cape Town said that there is a policy in place which strictly forbids its staff from asking residents for so-called ‘Christmas boxes’ and from soliciting donations.

“City staff are appropriately remunerated and should not, under any circumstances, be asking residents for donations,” said Xanthea Limberg the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Informal Settlements, Water and Waste Services; and Energy.

“If residents believe that excellent service has been provided they are of course at liberty to give a voluntary donation to staff as a gesture of thanks and goodwill,” she added.

Municipalities have also urged residents to be cautious of con artists posing as municipal workers who have been known to solicit gifts at this time of the year.

“If residents suspect that the people who approach them are misrepresenting themselves, the matter should be reported to the South African Police Service immediately,” the City of Cape Town said.

Residents have also been asked to report any contraventions by municipal workers to the relevant authorities in each municipality.

Cape Town Call Centre: 0860 103 089

Ekurhuleni Divisional Head of Waste Management Operations Shirleigh Strydom:  061 432 5378

Nelson Mandela Bay Call Centre: 0800 205 050