The City of Cape Town’s Transport and Urban Development Authority is set to spend the bulk of its capital budget for the next three years on new housing opportunities, new roads and infrastructure for the MyCiTi bus service.

Given the dire need for housing the Transport and Urban Development Authority (TDA) says it will spend R2.1 billion on the development of new housing opportunities over the next three financial years, with R590 million being budgeted for 2018/19 alone.

The 2018/19 budget is allocated to 36 housing developments which are either in the planning phase, already under way, or in the process of being finalised. According to the TDA the bulk of the housing opportunities will be developed on well-located land close to public transport, jobs, government services, and public amenities.

Improving mobility

The TDA has also prioritised transport and transport infrastructure. “We want to improve mobility in Cape Town, be it by cycling, car, minibus-taxi, bus or train.

Over 500 000 Capetonians cannot afford motorised transport, and either walk or cycle to their destinations. Thus, we will keep on expanding the network of safe sidewalks and cycle lanes with the non-motorised transport funding we receive from National Government,” the TDA explains.

Taxis, congestion and buses

For the 17% of commuters that rely on mini-bus taxis the city is investing in new minibus-taxi facilities in Dunoon and Masiphumelele, as well as refurbishing others with covered walkways and ablution facilities.

For those using private vehicles, the city has prioritised congestion relief and as such has allocated R481 million over the next three financial years for the construction of new road infrastructure in congestion hotspots around Cape Town.  In addition the city has budgeted R816 million for the roll-out of Phase 2A of the MyCiTi service between Mitchells Plain, Khayelitsha, Claremont and Wynberg.

“The TDA budget mirrors our commitment to bringing people closer to jobs, to developing new housing opportunities on well-located land, and to keep on improving transport options for all residents,” the TDA concludes.