The speed and magnitude of Africas ongoing urbanization has shed new light on the evolving and multifaceted needs for water treatment and infrastructure.To address the plurality of these needs, Veolia Water Technologies has defined and launched a dedicated project called Ambitions for Africa.

Carried out by 1 000 dedicated employees across the continent, the “Ambitions for Africa” project is aimed at anchoring the company in the territories where it operates through local partnerships, community engagement and tailor-made solutions.

New chemical blending facility

he latest concrete step in the company’s efforts to support Africa’s needs is its brand new chemical blending facility in Johannesburg, South Africa. The facility which was recently Inaugurated employs 40 people and is set to produce water treatment chemicals in response to the demand for quality water treatment from both municipalities and industries throughout the African continent.

This state-of-the-art plant has a maximum output capacity of 15 000 tons of water treatment chemicals per year and implements best-in-class practices: it recycles 100% of its wastewater and reduces the consumption of potable water through the recycling of wash water.

Widening market reach

The company is also widening its market reach by distributing its robust, easy-to-operate, low-energy packaged plants all over Africa, including in remote locations or in harsh climates.Recent installations include a three-part project for Shanta Gold at its New Luika Gold Mine located in the Lupa Goldfield, south west Tanzania, where Veolia Water Technologies has supplied a River Water Treatment Package Plant, a Borehole Water Treatment Plant and a Sewage Treatment Plant.

The company also supplied two packaged water treatment plants to Bambisana Hospital in remote Eastern Cape, South Africa, to provide potable water to the hospital as well as to treat its sewage water for reuse.


Through the “Ambitions for Africa” initiative the company is also implementing local win-win partnerships. One example is South African company Ceracure which is now a stakeholder in Veolia Water Technologies’ South-African subsidiary. This key partner will bring Veolia its expertise in the field of control and electrical instrumentation. In the same spirit, an ambitious partnership has been established with Moroccan company Afric Chimie for the distribution of Veolia’s chemical products in Morocco.

Commingling on the developments Patrick Couzinet, CEO Veolia Water Technologies Africa, says the challenges the continent is facing are considerable but solutions and services already exist to answer to legitimate human needs such as access to clean water, waste and pollution treatment or energy access.

“We wish to provide our expertise and know-how on environmental solutions to those who need it the most and we will remain committed to the African population and sustainable development of the continent as a whole”, he concludes.