The African Development Bank has approved the African Water Facility’s (AWF) work plan and budget for 2018.

The plan addresses past challenges and proposes solutions to the pressing issues of resource mobilisation, filling vacancies, monitoring ongoing projects closely and resolving issues quickly, and strengthening the capacity of project implementing agencies.

The main strategic focus for 2018 is to put the African Urban Sanitation Investment Fund into operation. Under this initiative four city-wide urban sanitation projects will be prepared to secure public and private financing.

In addition seed funding (catalytic investment) will be provided for two catalytic investments projects to enable private sector owners to pilot viable business opportunities such as innovative non-sewer sanitation technologies.

The AWF will continue to engage with development partners to better align their respective activities to address Africa’s water priorities.

In response to the new strategic objective of securing more investment, it will coordinate with the African Ministers’ Council on Water to harmonise its activities and related strategic initiatives, create an investment promotion platform and organise joint investment promotion events.

The Facility’s administrative budget of €4.42 million will be financed from its special fund (€2.465 million) and €1.955 million from the Bank.