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Embracing the future with ERWAT

ERWAT currently provides bulk wastewater conveyance and treatment service to some 2 000 industries and more than 3,5 million people. Speaking to Emmanuel Khomela, acting executive manager of ERWAT at the 2018 IMESA Conference, InfrastructureNews learnt of ERWAT’s future vision and plans for collaboration with key industry role... Read More

The rights and processes of land acquisition

Land acquisition for municipal infrastructure projects and developments is not a simple process. Karl Hoffmann and Odwa Dilizo from HSG Inc. discuss the challenges, correct processes, the rights of the municipality and land owner, as well as the importance of forward planning.... Read More

Virtual reality: changing the infrastructure space

Virtual reality offers engineers the ability to stay relevant in thee ever-evolving technological era, while aiding in the delivery of infrastructure projects. Luchelle Damons, civil engineer from iX Engineers talks discusses the many applications of VR in the infrastructure space and how it is already being... Read More

Operational simplicity with UF membranes

Membrane technologies like ultrafiltration can ensure exceptional final water quality and, with the right company, an improved operational experience. By Herman Smit, managing director of Quality Filtration Systems   Most conventional water treatment systems require constant monitoring and daily operator decisions regarding plant operation. Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane processes offer a fully automated process that reduces operator involvement. With limited skilled operational staff available in South Africa, a more automated process offers many benefits. However, reduced operator involvement is not necessarily in conflict with the employment of labour. The improved skills required to operate UF plants provide an opportunity for the existing operators to improve their skill levels through training and studying, and treated volumes can be increased with the same number of operational staff. UF systems are ideal for new installations or for upgrades to existing filter systems or clarifiers, cutting operating costs and decreasing the plant footprint, while delivering exceptional value over the entire system life cycle. Instrumentation... Read More

Embracing UF technology

Ultrafiltration membrane systems provide the ability to treat poor-quality feedwaters and produce excellent final water quality. By Herman Smit, managing director of Quality Filtration Systems   Ultrafiltration (UF) systems are ideal for new installations or upgrades to existing filter systems or clarifiers, cutting operating costs and decreasing the plant footprint while delivering exceptional value over the entire system life cycle. The main benefit of UF is a fully automated process that reduces operator involvement. This eliminates the need for constant monitoring and decision-making, addressing South Africa’s skills shortage while providing the opportunity to upskill operators, as well as ensuring quality water output. Each module comprises thousands of membrane fibres with microscopic pores on the membrane surface, which reject particles greater than 0.04 μm. The experience of Quality Filtration Systems (QFS) in the implementation of membrane technologies in South Africa not only provides exceptional final water quality but an improved operational experience. However, it is important for clients to understand... Read More

BVi announces Level 1 B-BBEE status

BVi Consulting Engineers has been re-certified as B-BBEE Level 1 against the new amended Construction Sector Codes of Good Practice. As a 55% black-owned company, BVi is one of South Africa’s largest black-owned consulting engineering firms. Its shares are 100% owned by South African citizens, with more than 50% owned by professional engineers and technologists. As a proud Level 1 company, BVi has taken many transformational steps: Management BVi has restructured its management with the goal of obtaining a minimum of 50% black representation at management level, making BVi one of the few larger firms that is both black-owned and black-managed. Employment equity BVi’s workforce consists of more than 50% black employees. By applying a strict equity policy to the recruitment process, 70% of all new recruits over the last year were black. In time, this will further improve BVi’s equity ratios to reflect a fair representation at all levels. Skills development BVi runs an extensive mentor/ learnership programme... Read More

IMESA welcomes a new president

Last night Randeer Kasserchun was sworn in as the new president of the Institute of Municipal Engineering of Southern Africa (IMESA).  Kasserchun takes over from Gavin Clunnie who served as head of the organisation for the past two year. “It is with great pleasure and honour that I address you as the president of IMESA,” said Kasserchun addressing delegates upon his inauguration at the 2018 IMESA Conference. He thanked the IMESA exco and council for their confidence and trust in him to hold the position as president for the next two years. Engineering background Kasserchun currently serves as head of eThekwini Municipality’s Coastal Stormwater & Catchment Management Department and has been practicing in the field of hydrology and coastal engineering for the past 20 years. He graduated with a BSc. Civil Engineering from the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) in 1994. During 1995 and 1996 Kasserchun was involved in the Training and Development Programme and attended the School of Public... Read More

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