Author: Riante Naidoo

Cost-effective upgrading, preservation and rehabilitation of roads

By G J Jordaan and A Kilian The provision and preservation of good transport infrastructure is a prerequisite to economic growth. However, the high cost associated with this essential part of service delivery puts an ever-increasing burden on available funds. Download the full version here: Cost effective upgrading preservation and rehabilitation of... Read More

Managing the water balance

By Konstant Bruinette and Tian Claassens A holistic approach in the analysis of and turnaround strategies for municipal water supply systems – the perspectives of a financier. Download the full paper here: Managing the water... Read More

Reducing non-revenue water

By John Alexander, Krohne A simple change can bring about significant r eduction in non-revenue water. With changes in metering technology, the focus has shifted to monitoring and management systems; however, it seems the heart of the management system is being overlooked. Download the full version here: Reducing non revenue... Read More

Lime: A convenient chemical material utilised for more than one purpose

By PH Bhengu and D Allopi Lime is a chemical stabilisation agent utilised widely for soils stabilisation particularly for roads construction throughout the world. It has other relevant uses such as that relating to environmental and steel manufacturing to mention a few, hence qualifying it to be perceived as a convenient material. The paper summarises available pure literature and information pertaining to lime, as one of the most preferred chemical agent for diverse uses. Download the full paper here: A convenient chemical material utilised for more than one... Read More

Exploring waste glass in hot-mix asphalt

By Joseph K Anochie-Boateng and Theresa B George South Africa faces a potential shortage of the virgin aggregates used to produce asphalt mixes. As such, manufacturers are turning to alternatives – one of which is glass. Download the full version here: Exploring waste glass in... Read More

Air transport sector contributes US$12m to SA’s GDP

South Africa’s air transport sector reportedly supports around 490,000 jobs, including tourism-related employment, and contributes 3.5% (US$12 million) to the country’s gross domestic product. These were some of the findings highlighted in a recent study entitled ‘The Importance of Air Transport to South Africa’. The study was conducted by Oxford Economics on behalf of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Muhammad Ali Albakri, IATA’s regional vice president for the Middle East and Africa said the study confirmed the air transport sector played a vital role in the country’s economy as it facilitated more than US$10 billion in exports, around US$140 billion in foreign direct investment and around US$9.2 billion in inbound leisure and business tourism for South Africa. “With the country now in a recession it’s time to re-double efforts to promote South Africa as a destination for business, trade and tourism,” he said. While carrying out the study, experts in the industry were surveyed. Some from the World... Read More

Maswanganyi and Mbalula to meet taxi and e-hailing operators

The minister of transport Joe Maswanganyi and police minister Fikile Mbalula spoke out against the recent violent attacks involving metro taxi operators and e-hailing operators, particularly in the Gauteng province. The ministers appealed for calm, while government is working on finalising the National Land Transport Act Amendment Bill which is currently before parliament. The Amendment Bill is said to include e-hailing public transport services. Both ministers also emphasised the provision of the National Land Transport Act on the regulation of road-based public transport. The Act states that no person may operate a road-based public transport service, unless he or she is the holder of an operating licence or a permit, subject to sections 47, 48 and 49 of this Act. “This regulation therefore means that any operator who operates a public transport service without an operating licence will be violating the law and law enforcement officers will act on such an operator,” the ministers said in a statement. Maswanganyi... Read More

New policy keeps traffic lights on at Joburg’s high volume intersections

The City of Johannesburg’s ‘No Joints Policy’ which was implemented to address traffic light downtime is starting to show positive results, mayoral committee member for transport Nonhlanhla Makhuba said. The policy serves to progressively reduce the high incidences of signal downtime at the most critical high volume intersections in the city. Makhuba explained that the policy did away with the joining of old cables whenever an electrical fault was reported at a downed traffic light. Instead, these damaged cables are now replaced with new cables. “During the 2016/17 financial year (which ended in June), 89 intersections were re-cabled and are now joint free,” she said. “There has also been an 18% reduction in the average number of daily traffic light faults between November 2016 and June 2017.” Makhuba added that there was also a 60% improvement in the average time taken to repair faults, excluding faults caused by power outages. “This has resulted in a 55% reduction in the... Read More

Mashaba commits R88 million to fast track pothole repairs

The City of Johannesburg has declared a ‘war on potholes’, city mayor Herman Mashaba said. The city said it has prioritised the repair of potholes around the city as there are thousands which are dangerous and disruptive. These were caused by several torrential downpours between November 2016 and January 2017. Mashaba said that over the past year, the city has fixed 117,483 potholes, resulting in a significant increase of 26,945 or 22% more pothole repairs compared to the previous period (2015/2016). He also committed R88 million to fast-track the repair of failing road surfaces. “I am delighted to confirm that through our positive interventions, the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA), the city’s entity responsible for the maintenance of our roads, has resolved the crisis by working overtime on evenings and weekends, utilising R60 million for much needed pothole repair material and equipment,” Mashaba said. “The funds were also utilised in appointing contractors to supplement internal capacity to assist with the... Read More

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