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Infrastructure Africa

The Infrastructure Africa event, comprises of a two-day high-level conference, Ministerial Infrastructure and Development Roundtable discussion and the official Gauteng Infrastructure projects workshop.

Infrastructure Africa 2015 Business Forum aims to broadly cover the following topical themes in various business sessions:

  • To provide a platform for informative and interactive sessions with the prime movers of Infrastructure sector across various spheres like Government, Policy makers, Industrial leaders, Academia and Potential investors.
  • To enhance policy and regulatory framework to boost investor confidence in the infrastructure sector
  • To find a way around to turn excruciatingly slow pace of infrastructure developments at the ground level
  • To showcase some of Africa’s megaprojects
  • To explore new potential areas in order to provide financial assistance as well as access to finance to the infrastructure players
  • To focus on 5 key industry sectors and explore growth potential within these sectors, as well as unpacking challenges and obstacles and finding the solutions for growth in each sector.
  • To encourage Public Private Partnership in the process of developing world class infrastructure


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