Söder's exit restriction in Bavaria was illegal

Bayerns Ministerpräsident Markus Söder.
Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder. Picture: Michael Kappeler / dpa

Judges overturn Söder’s first exit restriction – Corona rules violated the prohibition of excess

The exit restrictions in March and April 2020 were apparently ineffective. According to information from “Welt” and “Merkur”, the administrative court in Ansbach rejected two paragraphs of the infection protection ordinance at that time on Monday. The norm violates the prohibition of excess, says the as yet unpublished decision. Two citizens from Bavaria have sued. An appeal to the Federal Administrative Court is permitted.

In March 2020, when the first corona wave rolled in, the state government had enacted the most drastic rules to date. You were only allowed to leave your own apartment for “valid reasons”. The exceptions were broad – work, doctor, sport, walking, shopping, walking the dog – but it was forbidden to meet with members of other households. The regulation was valid until 19. April.

The The Court considers this to be excessive. The Free State has the right and the duty to take action against the virus and also to significantly limit encounters. The exit restriction was “not a necessary measure”. Because, according to the judges of the 20. Senate: As a milder means, meetings in public could have been limited to a maximum of two people or your own household – instead of limiting the outcome. In itself it is “infectiologically insignificant” whether or not someone stays outdoors alone or with his household or not.

How it will proceed legally is unclear. Initially, only the complained exit restriction is ineffective. The nocturnal restrictions that would last for months are not mentioned in the resolution. In Baden-Württemberg, the administrative court there had the nationwide night curfew in February 2021 tipped. It must also be clarified whether fines related to this passage in Bavaria must be repaid.

Pfizer wants to vaccinate everyone over the age of twelve in a Brazilian city

Pfizer wants all residents of a city in Brazil over twelve years with its Covid – 19 – Vaccine vaccine, to further investigate its effectiveness. The study takes place in Toledo, a city with 143. 00 0 residents in the west of the state of Parana, in cooperation with the National Vaccination Program of Brazil, the local health authorities, a hospital and the state university. In this way the development of Covid – 19 under real conditions after the population has been vaccinated. It is the first initiative of its kind between a pharmaceutical company and a developing country, says Pfizer. (Reuters)

Threatening letters against Thuringian doctors about corona vaccinations

In Thuringia several doctors who fight against Covid – 19 vaccinate, threatening letters obtain. The letters from a person from the camp of the vaccination opponents had been received by doctors since Friday, said Jörg Mertz, head of the pandemic staff of the statutory health insurance physicians Association (KV), on Wednesday. The KV board also received such a letter. The letters had a “certain radicalism that we don’t know about”, said Mertz.

According to Mertz, the person is known because he left his name and address in the letters. A complaint has been made to the responsible public prosecutor’s office. A letter from KV to Thuringia’s resident physicians shows that the letters were written by a woman from Mühlhausen. This pretends to be a sovereign citizen and subordinate the doctors to inhumane and highly corrupt behavior, for which they would be held responsible, so the KV. The KV letter is available from dpa.

The chairman of the Thuringian General Practitioner Association, Ulf Shivering beard, was horrified. “This is a disaster,” he told the dpa. “To be threatened that we humans offer the vaccination is irrational, just sad.” (Dpa)

Die Präsidentin der Kultusministerkonferenz (KMK), Britta Ernst (SPD).
The President of the Conference of Ministers of Education (KMK), Britta Ernst (SPD). Image: Ottmar Winter

KMK President is not aiming for air filters in all schools

The President of the Conference of Ministers of Education (KMK), Britta Ernst (SPD), keeps one equipment Air filters in all schools, referring to experts, are not suitable. “We adhere to the recommendations of the Federal Environment Agency, which do not consider it sensible to equip all classrooms with air filters across the board because we at Don’t ventilate by ”, said the Brandenburg Minister of Education to the newspaper“ Prignitzer ”. “If school authorities, in consultation with parents, are of the opinion that they want to set up more devices, they are of course free to do so.” Parents’ initiatives urge more air filters against the corona virus.

The culture ministers of the federal states will discuss the installation of air filters, but also the status, on Thursday and Friday digitization in schools. When asked whether the federal government should adopt more school policy, the Minister of Education said: “We are pleased that the federal government has become more involved in educational policy. But I see that we have to come to a greater understanding, above all with the school authorities, i.e. the municipalities. “Schools in Germany are a state matter, but the federal government has been in place since 2019 Money for the digitization of schools.

The incumbent KMK president is with the SPD -Politician Olaf Scholz married. She confirmed that she would like to remain Minister of Education in Brandenburg if Scholz becomes Chancellor. “I still feel very comfortable with the idea of ​​being Minister for Education, Youth and Sport in the State of Brandenburg,” said Ernst. “And I’m used to being married to a man who is an active politician. And nothing will change that. “(Dpa)

Turkey: obligation to provide evidence for children only from twelve years

Family vacation in Turkey is now easier: Children under the age of twelve no longer have to present a vaccination, recovery or negative test certificate upon entry. Informed about this the Foreign Office in its current travel advice for Turkey. The age limit has been raised: Previously, the obligation to provide evidence already applied from the age of six.

Furthermore, all air travelers over six years must be within 72 Hours before the trip fill out an electronic form from the Turkish Ministry of Health, according to the AA.

Travelers over twelve years of age require one of the following four documents: a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours, the result of an antigen test not older as 48 hours, proof of a complete Vaccination or documentation of a recovery from a corona infection does not expire r than six months.

There is currently a travel warning for Turkey, the federal government classifies the country as a Corona high-risk area. (dpa)

Sweden implies vaccination with Moderna for under 30 – year olds from

Sweden puts vaccinations with Moderna for under 30 – year olds. There have been reports of rare side effects such as myocarditis, which is why people who 1991 and were born later, initially not with The Swedish Health Authority announced that the vaccine Spikevax should be vaccinated. It is purely a precautionary measure, the risk of heart muscle or pericardial inflammation is very low. (Reuters)

Standing vaccination committee: Influenza protection too low in Germany

The chairman of the Standing Vaccination Commission, Thomas Mertens, has planned to Too little flu protection for risk groups in Germany warned. So far, the flu vaccination rates have been too low compared to international recommendations, Mertens said on Wednesday. Although there have been improvements in the past flu season, the influenza vaccination rates in humans are above 60 unfortunately only for 30 until 40 percent. “That is really not enough,” said Mertens. Because after the absence last season there could now be a stronger flu wave.

In addition to the elderly, flu vaccinations are also used, among others, chronically ill, pregnant women, medical staff, caring relatives and recommended to people who work with a lot of public traffic. There are egg-based and cell culture-based vaccines as well as a live vaccine, explained Mertens. That is a wide range. In the case of dead vaccines, the flu protection can also be given at the same time as a corona vaccination – then in the left and right upper arm. As with Covid – 19 it is about avoiding hospital admissions and deaths.

For older people there are also flu vaccines with immune boosters and also a high-dose vaccine that 60 instead of 15 contain micrograms of each influenza strain. “Older people not only react worse to Covid – 18 – vaccinations, but also on the influenza vaccinations, “said Mertens.

“Vaccination is not just about Covid 19 “, he emphasized. All other vaccinations would also have to be made, in addition to the flu protection, for example, the children’s vaccinations. “Vaccinations are an ingenious and very important achievement in medicine,” said Mertens. “In the end, the only thing that helps us to solve many infection problems is a good vaccination.”

In the past year, according to Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU), 22 Immunize millions of German citizens against flu. That was a little more than in previous years than the number for 15 until 18 Millions. According to Spahn Millions of doses of flu vaccine. The course of an influenza season is difficult to predict. (dpa)

Russia reports more than 900 Corona deaths within 24 hours

Russia has on Wednesday the first time a high of more than 900 Corona deaths reported in one day. Within 24 Hours were according to the Russian government 929 Deaths registered – more than ever since the pandemic began. Altogether in Russia officially more than 212. 00 0 corona deaths counted – this is the highest number in Europe.

Russia is the fifth most severely affected country in the world with more than 7.5 million cases of infection. Since August, the highly contagious delta variant of the coronavirus has caused a sharp increase in the number of infections, especially in the capital Moscow.

At the same time, the Russian vaccination campaign is stalling. The Kremlin originally set itself the goal of 60 percent of the population fully vaccinated. Until Wednesday, however, were less than 30 percent of citizens fully vaccinated. According to surveys, more than half of Russians do not want to be vaccinated. (AFP)

There is a small group of tough, not too convincing opponents of vaccination. But we still know that from earlier and is not a Covid – 19-Novelty. And there is a larger group that can be persuaded.

Thomas Mertens, Head of the Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko)

It has become more exciting. (…) If you need an argument for the vaccination, you only have to take a look at the hospitals.

Federal Minister of Health Spahn

Wieler: “The majority of Germans are smart, they get vaccinated”

The rate of hospitalizations increases for those over 60 – year-olds – even though the vaccination rate in this age group is 84 percent lies. “The vaccination rate is good,” says Lothar Wieler, President of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). “The majority of Germans are smart to know that they can be vaccinated. More than eight out of ten people know that the vaccination is a good thing.” Wieler also made it clear, with a view to the increasing hospitalization rate: Around three million people in this important age group have not yet been vaccinated. “If all of these three million were infected, a great many of them would end up in the intensive care unit,” said Wieler.

We have to prevent many Covid – 19 – Cases and flu cases in parallel appear. We can do this best through vaccinations.

RKI- Chef Lothar Wieler

Anyone who has not yet been vaccinated against Corona or needs a booster vaccination can combine this with the flu vaccination at the same time.

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn

Spahn: “Please get a flu vaccination”

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) has called on people in Germany to be vaccinated against flu in particularly large numbers this autumn. Because there was almost no flu in Germany last year as a result of the partial lockdown, the risk of a flu epidemic this year is all the higher , said Spahn on Wednesday in Berlin. “Please get a flu vaccination,” said the minister. “Enough flu vaccine is available.”

26 Millions of doses of vaccine are available – “more than enough” , said Spahn. Because of earlier orders and an earlier approval by the authorities, the vaccines are also available early this year. In this way it is possible to avoid “a lot of suffering and death”. A flu vaccination is particularly recommended for the elderly and people with previous illnesses. It is also advisable for people with many contacts, said Spahn.

Should be achieved again at least one order of magnitude as in the previous year, when it 22 I gave millions of flu vaccinations . Usually it is between 15 and 18 Millions of vaccinations, according to Spahn. Especially in public transport, the distance and hygiene rules should continue to be applied – such as wearing masks. Spahn himself had been vaccinated against the flu in the morning, as he announced. (dpa)

Spahn, Wieler and Mertens on vaccinations in autumn

The feared increase in corona and flu infections in autumn and winter comes into focus this Wednesday in Berlin. Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) and the President of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Lothar H. Wieler, have been joining since 10 Clock together in front of the public . The focus should be on vaccination. This time the chairman of the Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko), Thomas Mertens , will be there. In September, the Stiko issued a recommendation according to which vaccinations against corona and flu can be given at one time. It is advisable from October onwards. (dpa)

Worldwide more than five million corona deaths

Worldwide more than 235, 93 Millions of people with the Coronavirus infected. This gives a Reuters count based on official data. More than 5, 02 Millions of people died with or from the Virus since this in December 2019 was first detected in Wuhan, China . The USA has the highest numbers in the world. Here the number of infections increases within 22 hours by more than 92. 800 on 44, 04 Millions. At least 2090 more people died in connection with the virus, a total of more than 707. 400. (Reuters)

RKI reports more than 11. 500 New infections

The nationwide seven-day incidence for new corona infections is again slightly 62, 3 down . As the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported on Wednesday, were within one day 11. 547 New infections with the coronavirus and 76 further deaths registered. The previous day, the seven-day incidence at 62, 6 located in front of one Week at 61. The value gives the number of new infections per 92. 00 0 residents within a week. (AFP)

District assembly calls for agreement to exit corona measures
The president of the district assembly, Reinhard Sager (CDU), has gradually eased the corona -Measures required. “The federal and state governments should agree on an exit path that will lead us out of the pandemic-related restrictions” , he told the newspapers of the Funke- Media group. “That must be discussed openly, otherwise dissatisfaction with political decisions on Corona will continue to grow.”

He said: “We are optimistic that we will slowly but surely grow out of the pandemic. Politicians should also send out this signal. ” For this it is necessary to further increase the vaccination rate. “If there are large vaccination gaps in certain professional groups such as educators, teachers and nurses, a vaccination must be considered for these activities,” he said. (dpa)

Relaxation stresses young people

About a third of young people in Germany sometimes feel stressed by the relaxation of the corona measures. The statement “I feel pressure me to do many things when it is possible again “voted in September 34 Percentage of the 1995 Born (Generation Z) to , as from a special evaluation by the Institute for Generation research in Augsburg emerges.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the private institute has asked at least every two weeks 1500 represent Natively selected people as they are experiencing the corona pandemic. This means that long-term observations are also possible. In May, Generation Z still agreed to the above statement 54 percent . Since then, the approval values ​​in this age group have decreased.

The approval values ​​are lower for older people , but have remained relatively constant since the beginning of the relaxation. For Generation Y (26 until 39 years) the value fluctuates around 30 Percent . The older the group, the lower the approval. With the so-called baby boomers from 56 years ago the value rose again at: 11 Percent feel under pressure to do something.

According to the survey, some people even miss the lockdown. The statement ” I would prefer to keep the pandemic everyday life “voted in August 25 Percentage of 25 until 39 – year olds too. In the younger generation Z it was Percentage, in the older groups 13 and 15. Here, too, the trend is downward. (dpa)

Corona tests inspire the Synlab laboratory chain more than expected

The surprisingly high demand after corona tests over the summer , the business of Europe’s largest laboratory chain Synlab is boosting business more strongly than expected. The turnover this year with 3.5 billion euros is expected to be a good third above the previous year, said Synlab on Tuesday evening in Munich with. So far, the newcomer had expected 3.2 to 3.3 billion.

The delta Variants of the corona virus kept the number of laboratory tests high , explained Synlab. The company had already benefited massively from the pandemic last year with millions of tests to detect an infection. The operating result will also be 2021 will be higher than expected , announced the company, whose largest shareholder is the financial investor Cinven. Synlab is now assuming an adjusted Ebitda of more than one billion euros – that is an operating return on sales of 30 percent.

The previous forecast was 925 (2020: 679) million euros already well above the previous year’s figure. Synlab wants exact figures for the third quarter on 10. Call November . Cinven had put Synlab on the stock exchange in the spring, at a valuation of 5.9 billion euros including debt. The to 18 Shares issued in euros have risen by almost ten percent since then; on Tuesday they went to 19, 71 Euro from Xetra trading . Synlab has been listed in the SDax index for small values ​​for a good two weeks. (Reuters)

Die US-Seuchenbehörde CDC
The US Disease Agency CDC Picture: REUTERS / Tami Chappell

More than 186 Millions of US citizens fully vaccinated

In the USA there are so far more than 186 Millions of people fully vaccinated. The CDC announced this. Overall, are almost 398 Millions of doses have been administered . Meager 216 Millions of people have been vaccinated at least once . In the USA live around 328 Millions of people. Around six million people received a booster vaccination. (Reuters)

Vaccination workers attacked in Guatemala – 50 Vaccine doses destroyed

Villagers in Guatemala have an I mpf campaign against the coronavirus forcibly interrupted and 50 Vaccination doses destroyed. An approximately ten-person team from the Ministry of Health was beaten on Monday in the town of Maguilá and detained for several hours , as the ministry announced. The residents threatened to lynch them – the local administration had to mediate.

According to the information The applied amount threw the vials with the vaccine on the floor and broke them, among other things with stones. The residents of Maguilá, which belongs to the central Guatemalan community of Fray Bartolomé de las Casas, had previously organized to prevent the vaccination campaign, it said. They refused to be vaccinated against the coronavirus there – why was not communicated.

In Guatemala, with about 18 million inhabitants that most populous country in Central America, health workers are sent to remote areas – sometimes on foot . The employees should vaccinate the rural, largely indigenous population or convince them to get vaccinated. In some communities – also in the neighboring south of Mexico – there was already resistance, for example because of cultural or religious beliefs , or also due to rumors . First around 14 percent of the residents of Guatemala have so far been fully vaccinated. (dpa)

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