“Freedom Day is getting closer”

Head of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians: Freedom Day is getting closer

The chairman of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, Andreas Gassen, expects corona restrictions to be relaxed soon after the official vaccination rate has been corrected by the Robert Koch Institute. With a vaccination rate that is too low, you can no longer argue in favor of corona measures. Freedom Day is getting closer ”, Gassen told the“ Bild ”newspaper.

“Nice that the RKI now has these positive figures delivers ”, added the KBV boss. “Much more than 80 There is no percent anywhere in the world. “

According to a new survey by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the vaccination rate among adults in Germany is higher than previously assumed . It is “in the adult population of a proportion at least once vaccinated up to 84 percent and a proportion of fully vaccinated persons of up to 80 percent go out “, it said on Thursday in the evaluation of the new vaccination rate monitoring (Covimo). (AFP)

Japan secures more 120 million Pfizer vaccines

Japan agrees with Pfizer to deliver more 120 Millions of vaccine doses from January 2022. The Japanese Ministry of Health announced. After a late start of the vaccination campaign are now about 63 percent of the population fully vaccinated. However, the country is now trying to secure additional supplies for booster vaccinations , as it is feared that the effectiveness of the vaccinations will decrease over time or new variants may appear. (Reuters)

Study: Lockdown makes children mentally ill

Politics According to a recent study, the corona lockdown has led to significantly more diseases in children worldwide. This was reported by the aid organization Save the Children on Friday, citing data from the “Oxford Covid – 19 Government Response Trackers “. There was an increase in cases of depression, anxiety, loneliness and even self-harm. The survey results were taken into account from more than 13. 000 Children in 46 countries.

83 Percentage of children reported an increase in negative feelings due to the pandemic. These feelings were shown in the majority of the children (96 percent) much stronger after schools have already exceeded 17 weeks were closed. In the industrialized countries remained up to 49 Percentage of mental illnesses untreated, in developing countries it is even between 76 percent and 85 percent.

Since the beginning of Covid – 19 – pandemic in the year 2020 would have children on average at 184 Lived days under legal closings or restrictions , it said. In high-income countries like Canada, some children had a total of 10 Months (402 days) stay at home as it continues was called. In Europe it was an average of nine months. Children spent in India at least 100 Days at home. (dpa)

Bavaria goes against judgment on exit restrictions in revision

Bavaria’s state government does not want to accept the judgment of the Administrative Court (VGH) on the Corona exit restrictions. “ We are convinced that the exit restrictions from the end of March to the beginning of April 2020 for good and were an effective and correct means for the safety of the citizens of Bavaria in the first wave of the pandemic ”, said Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU). Therefore, the appeal is now going on – the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig is then responsible.

At the beginning of the week, the administrative judges surprisingly saw the strict Corona measures in the Free State in spring 2020 declared inadmissible . The judges particularly criticized the fact that at that time individuals were not allowed to leave their homes for no particular reason. “The Senate said that from an infectious point of view, these people were not at risk,” VGH spokesman Andreas Spiegel explained the decision. (dpa)

Greens expert: extend free tests and combine with vaccination advice

Grünen-Gesundheitsexperte Janosch Dahmen
Green health expert Janosch Dahmen Image: dpa

The Greens health expert Janosch Dahmen has criticized the approaching end of the free corona rapid tests for everyone and suggests instead, a link to the vaccination campaign is proposed. “Anyone who accepts vaccination advice should get a free test in return” , said the member of the Bundestag. The end of the free “citizen tests” comes too early. “Without free tests, we will get fewer test results and more infections will go undetected,” warned Dahmen. “We’re running into a shadow pandemic.”

As of this Monday, rapid tests usually have to be paid for by yourself . They are generally free for people who cannot be vaccinated, including children under the age of twelve. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the Prime Ministers had agreed that the offer of free “citizen tests” for everyone, financed by the federal government since the beginning of March, should end. Since free vaccinations are possible for everyone, taxpayers no longer have to assume the test costs on a permanent basis . “The vaccination campaign is stagnating and the incidence has increased to more than 57 reported new infections per 100 000 Residents leveled off in seven days. “We should follow the U-turn in Austria and extend the free tests again” , said the Green politician. (dpa)

RKI registers around 10. 500 New infections, incidence rises

With the seven-day incidence in Germany, there is currently little momentum. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) gave the value of new infections per 100. 000 residents and week on Friday morning with 63, 8. For comparison: The previous day the value at 61, 6 located, one week ago at 64, 3 (previous month: 82, 7). The health authorities in Germany reported to the RKI within one day 10. 429 New Corona infections. A week ago the value at 13. 118 Infections located.

According to the new information, throughout Germany within 24 Hours 86 Fatalities recorded. A week ago it was 73 fatalities. The RKI has counted 4 since the beginning of the pandemic 293 807 proven infections with Sars-CoV-2. The actual total is likely to be significantly higher because many infections are not recognized.

The number of corona patients admitted to clinics per 100. 000 residents within seven days – the most important parameter for a possible tightening of the corona restrictions – the RKI gave 1 on Thursday, 61 at. That corresponds roughly to the value of the previous week. A nationwide threshold, from when the situation can be viewed critically, is not provided for the incidence of hospitalization, among other things because of large regional differences. The previous maximum value around Christmas time was around 15, 5. (dpa)

Guterres: hoarding vaccine of rich countries ” immoral “and” stupid “

UN-Generalsekretär António Guterres
UN Secretary General António Guterres
Image: dpa

UN Secretary General António Guterres has criticized rich countries with harsh words for hoarding corona vaccines. Withholding corona vaccines from poorer countries and thus preventing fair distribution is “not only a question of immorality, it is also a question of stupidity,” said Guterres on Thursday. All countries that already have more than 40 percent of their People who have vaccinated against Corona are not doing enough in the opinion of the WHO to fight the virus more effectively with vaccinations in disadvantaged countries.

The aim of the WHO was immunize at least ten percent of the population in every country in the world by the end of September. In 56 countries, however, the target was missed. The unequal distribution of vaccines “favors the corona pandemic,” warned Guterres . “It allows variants to develop and rampant,” he added. He warned of millions more deaths from Covid – 19 and an economic downturn caused by the pandemic that could cost “trillions of dollars” Vaccination quota is the greater risk that variants will develop against which the vaccines do not help. “All vaccination efforts in developed countries to vaccinate the whole population one, two or three times, all those efforts will go to pieces,” , warned Guterres. (AFP)

EMA approves Merck facility to manufacture J&J vaccine

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) allows the production site of the US Drug manufacturer Merck & Co in West Point, Pennsylvania, USA, for the manufacture of the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson. According to EMA, the Merck plant is to be put into operation immediately to ensure the continued supply of J & J’s vaccine in the European Union . Merck agreed to manufacture its rival’s vaccine earlier this year after the company stopped developing two of its own vaccines. (Reuters)

Biden insists on compulsory vaccination in companies

US-Präsident Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden Image: dpa

US President Joe Biden has defended extensive corona vaccination requirements for employees. “My message is: ask your employees to get vaccinated so that we can finally defeat this pandemic” , said Biden on Thursday in Elk Grove Village near Chicago . Without a vaccination, there would be endless months of chaos in hospitals, damage to the economy, fear in schools and empty restaurants He had tightened the vaccination regulations for employees of the federal government and suppliers. His action plan also provides that companies with more than 100 Employees should be required to be vaccinated or tested for coronavirus infection at least once a week.

The Ministry of Labor will shortly issue a corresponding emergency regulation, announced Biden. “ Overall, this vaccination obligation of the Ministry of Labor 98 affects millions of Americans . That’s about two-thirds of all the people who work in America, ”said Biden. It was not his first drive to issue vaccination regulations. But this is the only way to fight the pandemic. So far are 56, 2 percent of the population of around 330 Millions of people finally vaccinated. (dpa)

Italy relaxes corona restrictions for clubs, cinemas and sporting events

In view of the falling number of cases, the Italian government has decided to relax the corona restrictions. As announced on Thursday evening, discos are allowed to reopen with a limited number of visitors , cinemas and theaters can even fully use their rooms again. For outdoor sports events, the occupancy rate may therefore 75 percent.

For access to all venues The so-called health passport is still required , with which proof of a vaccination against the coronavirus, a negative test or a surviving illness is provided. So far, according to the Ministry of Health in Rome 36 Percent of the population over twelve years of age fully vaccinated. (dpa)

Majority for abolition of the mask requirement in school lessons

In view of the increasing vaccination rate, the majority of Germans are in favor of abolishing the mask requirement in school lessons. Currently only four out of ten Germans are in favor of maintaining it (37 percent) and 27 Percentage of parents of school-age children, such as the ARD “Deutschlandtrend” published on Thursday revealed. A majority of 57 Percent are therefore against wearing masks in class, parents with school-age children are even 71 percent.

in autumn 2021 is also the concern of German citizens that the number of corona infections in Germany will increase significantly in the coming weeks, lower than in the summer: This concern is currently driving 42 percent up – in the past July there was still a majority of 62 percent of having very big or big worries that the infections could rise again.

For the ARD- “Deutschlandtrend” has Infratest Dimap between Monday and Wednesday 1318 People interviewed. (AFP)

RKI : Corona outbreaks in schools are increasing earlier than 2020

Since August According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) , there have been more corona outbreaks at daycare centers and especially at schools . The transmitted frequency increases this year about two months earlier than in the previous year , comes from the weekly report of the RKI from Thursday evening. Accordingly, the authority for the past four weeks 201 Kita and 481 School breakouts reported. The latest development, especially of the past two weeks, cannot yet be assessed well, it was said against the background of possible late registrations. The easier transferability of the delta variant plays a role ”, explain the authors of the report. Cases, including those without symptoms of the disease, would be detected early.

The number of outbreaks in old people’s and nursing homes in Germany the RKI gives in the report for the past week with 52 at. The institute speaks of a significant decrease in such outbreaks, particularly due to vaccinations and hygiene measures. (dpa)

India wants to let tourists into the country again

After a year and a half corona break India wants to let tourists into the country again for the first time. From Friday next week (15. October) tourist visas would again be issued , said the Ministry of the Interior in Neu Del hi on Thursday evening.

India experienced a violent corona wave in April and May, among other things in connection with the delta variant, which was first discovered in India. Since then, the Corona numbers have been stable at a relatively low level, life is increasingly returning to normal.

A large part of the people in India should now have corona antibodies. A government commissioned investigation with samples greater than 36 000 people from June and July showed that two thirds of people aged six and over had contact with the coronavirus or had received a corona vaccination and developed appropriate antibodies. (dpa)

Eine Corona-Intensivstation
A corona intensive care unit Picture: Fabian Strauch / dpa

Covid risk patients can be cared for at home as in a clinic

Covid – 19 – Risk patients can be well looked after by their doctors at home while they are in isolation. Scientists from the Technical University of Munich have proven this in a study in which the sick were monitored at home using telemedicine. Ear sensors were used to check the condition of the patients , which transmitted important health values ​​to the clinic, the university reported on Thursday.

All in all 150 Covid – 19 – Patients who had to go into domestic isolation because of their infection were cared for by the university. They were patients with risk factors who needed to be ensured that they would be admitted to hospital quickly if their health deteriorated.

The ear sensor, which is worn like a hearing aid, was used for this. All 15 minutes the device recorded body temperature, heartbeat, breathing and the oxygen saturation in the blood . The values ​​were transferred to the telemedical center of the Klinikum rechts der Isar in Munich. In addition, each patient was called and questioned once a day .

“With minimal effort, the team implemented such a monitoring quality that comes very close to monitor monitoring in a clinic “Reported the university. Approximately every eighth participant in the study had to be hospitalized. “Interestingly, the majority of these patients later stated that they had not even noticed how badly they were doing at the time,” emphasized the researchers. (dpa)

Almost two percent of all approved animal experiments for research on coronavirus

Almost two percent of all within the first 17 months of the corona pandemic Animal experiments approved in Germany have been used for research on the coronavirus and corresponding therapies. Overall that concerned 61. 389 Animals in 102 Research projects , as the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) announced on Thursday in Berlin. This corresponded to a share of 0.8 percent of all animals used for experiments during this time.

2019 the use of 7.7 million test animals was approved. In the corona Year the number fell to 5.8 million. For 2021, the BfR expected a further decrease to 4.7 million. 89, 5 percent of the corona test animals were mice. Far behind were hamsters with 7.3 percent, rats with 1.5 percent and guinea pigs with 1.2 percent. Monkeys were only used in 0, 06 percent of cases tested.

According to BfR, the preference of the mouse surprisingly , because the normal laboratory mouse does not become infected with the coronavirus. In humans, the virus binds to a protein in the cell envelope. This bond is much lower in mice. However, after genetic modifications, they were suitable as models.

Hamsters are well suited for corona research. Infection with them is similar to that in humans. The number of research projects on these animals tripled. Ferrets, 0.3 percent of which were used, are also suitable for experiments, according to the BfR. The disease mechanisms of the coronavirus can be well researched on them. (AFP)

Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel und Italiens Regierungschef Mario Draghi
Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi Image: Roberto Monaldo / LaPresse via ZUMA Press / dpa

Italy’s head of government thanks for German help in the corona pandemic

At At a meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) in Rome, Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi thanked Germany for the German help in the corona pandemic. “ I am personally grateful to her for the regular exchange that took place between the two of us during this difficult year,” said the head of government on Thursday.

During the acute phase of the pandemic, Merkel initiated care for Italian patients in German hospitals. “ That was something that really moved us. ” The Chancellor also played a “decisive role” in the creation of the program ” Next Generation EU “, which gives Italy billions in aid to rebuild after the corona pandemic.

Draghi described the fund as a “ tangible sign of EU solidarity towards the countries that do the most were affected by the pandemic “. “We are the ones who got the lion’s share of the program – 191 Billions – so we are also the ones who bear the greatest responsibility, “emphasized the Italian head of government. It is an “extraordinary opportunity” for Italy. The Chancellor replied that she had confidence “that Italy is now spending this money in a very good way to to achieve something for the country and the people in the country “. (AFP)

Astrazeneca delivery to 16. 000 – kilometer transfer arrived at the South Pole

After a transport via 16. 000 kilometers and four continents is a delivery of the Corona-Im pfstoffs from Astrazeneca arrived at the British research station Rothera in the Antarctic . As the British Foreign Office announced on Thursday, the transport to Adelaide Island off the coast of Antarctica in was less than 92 Hour n and at constant temperatures between two and eight degrees Celsius.

In the research station Rothera keep in winter 23 people , including biologists, meteorologists, engineers, a Divers, a doctor and a cook . Up to one hundred people live and work there in summer. The vaccine shipment was brought by military aircraft from Great Britain via Senegal and the Falkland Islands to Antarctica .

“We really did get the vaccine to the end of the world,” said Fergus Drake of the Crown Agents development organization, which is helping the government in London to to supply all inhabited British overseas territories with vaccine – in addition to the research station in Antarctica, the Pitcairn Islands in the Pacific and the Tristan da Cunha archipelago in the South Atlantic. (AFP)

Moderna wants to set up a vaccine factory on the African continent

The US pharmaceutical company Moderna wants to build a factory for mRNA vaccines on the African continent. The company will become a “state-of-the-art mRNA production facility in Africa for the production of up to 500 Millions of vaccine doses per year “, Moderna declared on Thursday.

Moderna had previously announced that it would ramp up the production of its mRNA vaccine globally . In August, the group also announced that it would open a factory in Canada . It remained unclear where on the African continent the vaccine factory was to be built . “The country and location selection process is expected to begin shortly,” the company said.

A date for the opening was not given. According to its own information, the company expects investments of up to 500 million dollars (432, 42 Million Euros). In the production facility should the vaccine be both manufactured and bottled can.

For us it stands Moderna is only just beginning , “explained CEO Stéphane Bancel. The company is determined to “expand the social impact of Moderna by investing in a state-of-the-art mRNA production facility in Africa”. “Our COVID – 17 – vaccine and other products from our mRNA vaccine portfolio “, explained Bancel. (AFP)

Vaccination protection at Johnson & Johnson according to Stiko “insufficient”

Anyone who has been vaccinated with the corona vaccine from Johnson & Johnson should, according to the Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko), one additional mRNA – Received vaccine dose for better protection. This could be done from four weeks after the Johnson & Johnson vaccination , the panel of experts announced on Thursday.

As a justification, the Stiko referred to so-called vaccination breakthroughs: In relation to the number of doses administered, the most of these infections in people vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson listed . The effectiveness against the delta variant prevailing in this country is comparatively low in contrast to the other corona vaccines, it said.

The Stiko ultimately speaks of insufficient vaccination protection . Carsten Watzl, Secretary General of the German Society for Immunology, emphasized some time ago that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine could very well protect against severe corona disease. It is not yet a final Stiko recommendation . A corresponding draft resolution had been agreed with specialist groups and federal states, it said. Changes are therefore still possible.

For the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, one dose was previously considered sufficient for full vaccination protection, while with the other approved vaccines two syringes are initially given. In data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) as of Thursday more than 3.2 million vaccinations with Johnson & Johnson have been recorded. (dpa)

Der Corona-Impfstoff von Pfizer und Biontech
Pfizer and Biontech’s corona vaccine Picture: Sebastian Gollnow / dpa

Pfizer applies for vaccine approval for five to eleven year olds in the USA

The US pharmaceutical company Pfizer has in the USA applied for emergency approval of its corona vaccine for five to eleven year old children, which was developed together with the Mainz company Biontech. Pfizer said on Twitter on Thursday that the approval application had been submitted to the US FDA .

According to the authorities, it could now “a few more weeks” before the first children are regularly vaccinated . In September, Pfizer and Biontech submitted study data to the FDA that the vaccine was “ safe and effective ” in children. The authority announced last week that it was for the 26. October had a meeting of the responsible advisory body to review the data. The panel must provide an opinion before approval can be formally granted. (AFP)

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