Liefers describes the dramatic use of interns in the Covid intensive care unit

With sometimes drastic words, actor Jan Josef Liefers reported on his use in a corona intensive care unit. “All Covid patients here in intensive care were seriously ill, closer to death than life. All young, from 28 to 48 years old. All unvaccinated “, wrote the 57 year old Tatort star in a guest post for

Accordingly, two very pregnant women were among the named patients, “whose children were fetched by emergency operation and are still alive”. The mothers, on the other hand, would not have made it, wrote Liefers.

The “Tatort” star had participated in the #allesdichtmachen campaign in spring, involving dozens of them Film and television actors with ironic-satirical clips commented on the corona policy in Germany. After severe criticism, Liefers announced in a dispute with Health Minister Jens Spahn that he would register for the counter-action #allemalneschichtmachen.

The medical blogger “Doc Caro” had called on the actors to work for a shift in the ambulance service or in an intensive care unit.

According to Liefers, he was employed as an “intern” two weeks ago. “I couldn’t help much, I was only able to make myself useful when moving, wrapped in additional protective clothing, with an FFP2 mask and a kind of diving goggles on my eyes.”

Why it is so difficult for some meet, is still unclear, wrote Liefers. “However, nurses and doctors agreed that no one would have ended up here with a vaccination.”

No general vaccination call

Liefers did not want to call for vaccinations directly: “Is that a vaccination call after all? Well what can I say? I am in favor of adult vaccination, absolutely clear. But I’m not giving medical advice, I’m just telling my story. The decision is up to you. “

The guest post shows that the 57 -Year-old had an mRNA vaccine administered.

Liefers concludes with the words: “When I think back to my day at the ITS and how the strange and sometimes ruthless lottery of life for the seven ran out there, then I know in any case, I made no mistake. “ (dpa)

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