Loosen or not? Countries should weigh up themselves

There should still not be a nationwide uniform line for wearing masks in school. “We are in a corridor of easing steps in schools and also in society as a whole, but not all at the same pace,” said Britta Ernst, chairwoman of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK), on Friday after the committee’s deliberations.

The infection process and its assessment differ from country to country, explained Ernst, who is the SPD education minister in Brandenburg. The federal states would also have to weigh up the appeal of the Robert Koch Institute to hold onto the masks and that of the paediatricians to drop the mask requirement. Hamburg’s school senator Ties Rabe (SPD) spoke out about nose protection – also against the background of a health department study of the Superspreader event at a Hamburg school.

According to the Superspreader study: ” Mask has a great effect “

A corona-infected educational employee was stuck there in September 2020 several dozen people in school, especially on the first day when – unlike the three following days – he did not wear a mask. From this, the health department “rightly concluded that the mask had a great effect,” said Rabe.

Today the situation in schools is about 90 – percent vaccination quota educational staff and the test options that are now available are different from a year ago. Nevertheless, one more security measure should be maintained in order to prevent new school closings.

Rabe also pointed out that a lifting of the mask requirement would have to affect the quarantine rules of the health authorities. “Where the mask is no longer worn, a shortened quarantine regulation cannot actually be adhered to.” Rather, in the event of an infection, “it is to be expected that the whole class will go into quarantine”. In Hesse, the mask requirement at the place in the classroom was lifted after “two weeks of prevention”.

Vaccination call for young people from the age of twelve

There is more agreement on the vaccination recommendations for children, adolescents and their legal guardians: The KMK recommends “ on the basis of the opinion of the Standing Vaccination Commission also to pupils from twelve Years to take advantage of the vaccination offers before winter “. Attention is also drawn to an expected vaccination recommendation for younger pupils.

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The school ministers are planning: inside No compulsory vaccination in school – neither for the mostly already vaccinated staff nor for the students: “A vaccination against Corona is not a prerequisite for attending school and attending classes,” it says, “but it ensures long-term safety School operation in face-to-face form. “

Ein Porträtfoto von Britta Ernst an ihrem Schreibtisch, im Hintergrund ist das Logo der KMK zu sehen.

Britta Ernst (SPD), President of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Schools in Brandenburg. Photo: Paul Zinken / dpa

Since the summer holidays, a lot in schools has revolved around determining how far children and adolescents are He fell behind in the core subjects during school closings and how the deficits can be compensated – including those in psychosocial development. KMK boss Ernst sees the learning progress surveys not only in her country on the right track.

The funds made available by the federal government – a total of two billion euros – for Corona tuition and for community activities “target-oriented implementation” is a challenge for the states, said Ernst.

As homework for the upcoming coalition negotiations in the federal government, the ministers of education formulated – here too unanimously – that the With 6.5 billion euros now financed by the federal government, the digital pact for schools must be continued beyond the year 2024.

To specify the educational goals in terms of what with the help of the digital pact acquired equipment can and should be learned, Ties Rabe called “a daunting task”. As reported, the Standing Scientific Commission of the KMK made initial suggestions on Thursday – “ valuable suggestions that we in the KMK will gladly take up “, as Ernst announced.

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