Sweden and Denmark stop moderna vaccination for young people

Sweden and Denmark are pausing vaccination with the vaccine from Moderna for the time being in younger people. The vaccine “Spikevax” from Moderna is not given to anyone under 30 in Sweden for the time being, and in Denmark to anyone under 18 years.

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The Swedish The health authority has decided to temporarily suspend the use of the US company’s preparation for the cohorts 1991 and younger until December 1. The reason for this are signs of an increased risk of side effects such as inflammation of the heart muscle or pericardium, as the authority announced on Wednesday.

The affected age group should instead receive the vaccine from Biontech, the authority recommended. The 81. 000 people who received the first Moderna dose in Sweden received the second dose Biontech vaccine.

So far 84 percent of all citizens have 16 Years Sweden received at least one vaccination dose, just under 78 percent a second.

The Danish health administration advised children and adolescents under 18 years to only vaccinate with Biontech. In a previously unpublished Nordic study, which has yet to be checked by the European Medicines Agency, it could be observed that there was an increase in heart inflammation after the Moderna vaccination.

But here, too, there was talk of a precautionary measure. In Denmark so far 76 percent of all citizens have received a first dose of vaccine, almost 75 percent have already received their second dose. (Reuters, dpa)

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