30 corona protesters stormed the hospital in Rome

Ausschreitungen bei einer Corona-Demonstration in Rom

Riots at a corona demonstration in Rome Image: Cecilia Fabiano / LaPresse via ZUMA Press / dpa

30 Corona protesters storm hospital in Rome

After a corona demonstration in Rome on Saturday evening approximately 30 Rioters attacked the emergency room of a hospital in which one of her arrested Colleague was treated for an injury. The demonstrators broke the door and clashed with law enforcement officers and paramedics , as reported by the Ansa news agency. Four people were injured , among them a nurse who got a bottle on the head.

On Saturday tens of thousands of people roamed through Rome to to protest against the government’s corona measures. After an approved rally in the Piazza del Popolo, the demonstrators marched through the city center and tried again and again to break through police barriers. objects and bombs were thrown at the police officers . In the event of a collision , the police used tear gas, batons and water cannons .

Bei den Corona-Protesten in der italienischen Hauptstadt kam es zu Zusammenstößen zwischen Demonstranten und der Polizei.
During the Corona protests in the Italian capital, there were clashes between demonstrators and the police. Image: Mauro Scrobogna / LaPresse / AP / dpa

According to reports, some rioters wanted to advance to the official residence of Prime Minister Draghi , but were stopped by police water cannons. Above all, the storming of the headquarters of the trade union CGIL , in which, among other things, three Carabinieri were injured, shocked them Politics. Demonstrators attacked security guards with sticks and flagpoles and penetrated the inside of the building, as can be seen on amateur recordings was.

The police arrested twelve rioters by Sunday noon , including the two leaders of the right-wing extremist party Forza Nuova, Giuliano Castellino and Roberto Fiore. The “Corriere della Sera” wrote of a “ urban guerrilla of the No Vax “, ie the anti-vaccination agent Sunday. President Sergio Mattarella and Prime Minister Mario Draghi condemned the violence.

In Italy, further measures against the corona pandemic will come into force in the new week. From the 15. October every employee in the private sector or in the public service must have a so-called “Green Passport” , ie proof of vaccination, recovery or a negative test – to be paid for. (tsp, dpa)

Polizeieinsatz bei einer Corona-Demo in Rom
Police operation at a Corona demo in Rome Image: Cecilia Fabiano / LaPresse via ZUMA Press / dpa

Corona lockdown in Sydney after 106 days canceled

After almost four months, the corona lockdown in Sydney was lifted on Monday morning (local time). “ This is a big day for our state ,” said New South Wales Prime Minister Dominic Perrottet . To “100 Days of blood, sweat and no beer “people would have deserved the relaxation.

106 for days Shops, schools and many offices in Australia’s largest city remain closed in the fight against the highly contagious delta variant of the coronavirus. The residents were also not allowed to move more than five kilometers from their home.

On Monday, a little bit of normality returned to the city with more than five million inhabitants. Some bars and arcades wanted to reopen a minute after midnight to receive vaccinated guests. Many hairdressers are already booked for weeks after the long lockdown. Mass gatherings are still prohibited. Schools too will not be fully reopened in the next few weeks . (AFP)

Mask refuser sprays pepper spray in Wiesbadener Night bus

After a dispute about the mask requirement a stranger in Wiesbaden sprayed pepper spray into a bus . On Saturday night, a dispute broke out in a vehicle on the night line because a young man refused to wear a mouth and nose cover, the police said. After he had been expelled from the bus , the man pulled pepper spray out of his pocket and sprayed it into the passenger compartment . Three passengers complained of eye irritation and an ambulance crew took care of them. The perpetrator fled, but was later arrested . (dpa)

Die Bundesgartenschau 2021 in Erfurt
The Federal Garden Show 2021 in Erfurt Image: Martin Schutt / dpa

Federal Garden Show in Erfurt attracted 1.5 million guests despite Corona

The Federal Garden Show 2021 (Buga) in Erfurt has attracted a good 1.5 million guests to the Thuringian capital. This number was given by the organizers at the end of the 171 – day exhibition on Sunday. Buga, which was confronted with considerable restrictions due to the corona pandemic, especially in the initial phase, had another rush of visitors over the weekend in sunny weather. Saturday is good with 20. 600 Onlookers even had the busiest day at the two locations Petersberg and Egapark, the company said Buga GmbH with.

The organizers originally hoped for 1.9 million visitors . But corona restrictions such as initially flower halls closed for weeks and the mask requirement on the site cost according to the mayor of Erfurt Andreas Bausewein (SPD) visitors. Around 180 Millions of euros have been invested , which also flowed into larger infrastructure projects in Erfurt.

To conclude on Sunday, the Buga flag was to be handed over to the Lord Mayor of Mannheim, Peter Kurz (SPD), in a farewell ceremony on the Petersberg. The next Buga will be held in Mannheim in two years. It is from 14. Planned April to October 8, the organizers are hoping for 2.1 million visitors. (dpa)

Ein Covid-19-Opfer wird in St. Petersburg beerdigt.
A Covid – 19 – Victim is buried in St. Petersburg. Image: Peter Kovalev / Tass / dpa

Number of the daily Covid – 19 – Deaths in Russia reached new high

The numbers of corona deaths and new infections in Russia reached new highs at the weekend. According to the official Corona staff in Moscow on Sunday, the largest country in the world in terms of area 900 People at Covid – 19 within 24 Hours. On Saturday it was 968 been . These were the highs since the beginning of the pandemic. The number of new infections every day is slightly below 29. 000 cases daily. The German government has classified Russia as a high-risk area.

The official Corona numbers in Russia have long been in the K as embellished ritik. The Kremlin-critical portal zona.media just pointed out again that the Russian statistics office for August almost 50. 000 Corona deaths (49. 389). However, the government’s Corona staff named less than half – namely 24. 661 Deaths.

The Russian authorities see the main reason for the high number of deaths and infections in the low willingness of the population to be vaccinated. Western vaccines like those from Moderna or Biontech / Pfizer, which are most widely used internationally, are not approved in Russia. The Russian leadership insists that people should be given the Sputnik V vaccine developed by Moscow researchers or one of the five vaccines they own. Sputnik V is from round 20 countries recognized as a vaccine, but not by the European Union and the USA. Many Russians do not trust the vaccines developed in their own country either. (dpa)

Malaysia lifts travel restrictions for fully vaccinated people

In Malaysia, the government allows fully vaccinated residents to travel domestically and abroad again from Monday. Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob justified the decision by stating that 90 percent of the adult population in Malaysia is now fully vaccinated. (Reuters)

80 Percentage of all over twelve-year-olds vaccinated in Italy

In Italy, according to government information, 80 Percent of all residents over the age of twelve fully vaccinated. More than 43 Millions of people have therefore per 10. October completed her vaccination cycle. The government has thus achieved one of its key objectives in the fight against the pandemic. Nevertheless, that is not enough, emphasizes Guido Rasi, who is an advisor to the government’s Corona special commission. Either an even higher proportion of those over twelve must be vaccinated. Or one must also vaccinate five to twelve year olds, in order to reduce the proportion of 80 percent of the total population (around 60 Millions) to come. (Reuters)

Abolish free citizen tests, requires fairness before the taxpayer. Everyone for whom it is recommended and who wants to have been vaccinated in the meantime. Therefore, starting Monday, citizen tests will only be free for those for whom there is no recommended vaccination. These are especially children and adolescents.

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU)

Picture: Odd Andersen / Reuters

Studierende in einer Vorlesung an der Universität Bochum.
Students in a lecture at the University of Bochum. Image: Fabian Stratenschulte / dpa

Large lectures at universities will probably also be digital in the future

Large lectures at universities could also be permanently broadcast via video after the corona pandemic. Such events were among the offers that would be considered for a permanent digital offer, said the President of the University Rectors’ Conference, Peter-André Alt, of the German Press Agency.

At many universities in Germany this begins and next Monday the lecture period. After three Corona online semesters, the students can experience the majority of the courses again directly at the university or the university of applied sciences. To do this, they have to prove that they have either been vaccinated, recovered or tested (3G). Big lectures would continue to take place digitally to a large extent, said Alt.

He mentioned them the Corona period “forced” experience with online teaching is also helpful. “There should be no easy return to the pre-pandemic situation. The subjects are now faced with the challenge of creating a didactically sensible mix of digital and face-to-face events. ”Physically handicapped students or those with family responsibilities would also benefit from not having to travel to every event. (dpa)

Patient protection advocates free rapid tests in old people’s homes

Before the free rapid tests were discontinued this Monday, the German Foundation for Patient Protection demanded special regulations for old people’s and nursing homes. The federal and state governments would have to offer visitors free test options, said Eugen Brysch, member of the board of directors of the German Press Agency. Because many of the nationwide around 12. 000 Inpatient facilities require a current and certified negative rapid test even from fully vaccinated visitors.

If many of the round 19. 000 test centers in Germany stop working, it is difficult to obtain recognized negative evidence, especially in rural areas to get, said Brysch . “Once in a while 20 Kilometers of travel are unreasonable for relatives, “he added. “The chaos from last autumn must not repeat itself.” At that time, visitors were prohibited from entering old people’s and nursing homes because they could not show the result of a quick test.

The facilities would have to be obliged by ordinance to offer rapid tests on site, demanded Brysch. The costs should be reimbursed to them promptly by the health insurance companies or the legislature. It must be ensured that the nationwide around 900. 000 Nursing home residents could be visited unhindered.

From this Monday there will be no more free citizen tests after a federal-state resolution – apart from a few exceptions. These include children and people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. How many private quick test centers will continue to offer their service is still unclear. A quick test for Sars-CoV-2 should cost around twelve euros in the future. (dpa)

Eine Frau mit Schnupfen.
A woman with a cold. Image: Clark / obs / dpa

RKI: 6584 New infections – incidence increases slightly 66, 1

The seven-day incidence in Germany is again slightly increased compared to the previous day. The Robert Koch Institute ( RKI ) gave the value of new infections per 100. 000 residents and week on Sunday morning with 66, 1 on. The day before the value was at 64, 4 located, one week ago also at 64, 2 (previous month: 83,8th). The health authorities in Germany reported to the RKI within one day 7612 New corona infections. This is evident from the numbers that show the status of the RKI dashboards from 04. 16 Play the clock. A week ago the value was at 6164 Infections located.

Germany-wide were according to the new information within 22 Hours 24 Deaths recorded. A week ago there were nine deaths. The RKI has counted 4 since the beginning of the pandemic. 310. 273 detected infections with Sars-CoV-2. The actual total number should be significantly higher

because many infections are not recognized.

The number of coronaviruses admitted to clinics -Patients each 100. 000 residents within seven days – the for one possible Ie tightening of the corona restrictions

most important parameters – was that RKI last on Friday

with 1, 67 at. That corresponds roughly to the value of the previous week. A nationwide threshold value from when the situation can be viewed critically is not provided for the incidence of hospitalization, among other things because of large regional differences. The previous maximum value was around Christmas time at around 15, 5.

The number of people recovered gave the RKI with around 4.0 87. 700 at. The number of people who died with or with the involvement of a proven infection with Sars-CoV-2 rose to 94 202. (dpa)

Polizisten und Protestteilnehmer stoßen aufeinander.
Police officers and protesters clash. Image: Cecilia Fabiano / LaPresse / AP / dpa

Serious riots at corona demos in Rome

During protests against the corona policy of the Italian government it is in Rome came to serious riots . Several thousand demonstrators marched through the streets of the capital on Saturday and kept clashing with the police.

There were violent clashes, the police used batons, pepper spray and water cannons . The demonstrators tried to break through barriers and in turn threw chairs and bombshells, as can be seen on videos.

In the early evening, the protesters stormed the headquarters of the largest Italian CGIL union. Amateur footage showed how they attacked the guards and policemen with sticks and flagpoles and then pushed through the door into the building.

In Italy, further measures against the corona pandemic will come into force next week. From the 15. October every employee in the private sector or in the public service must have a so-called “Green Passport” , ie proof of vaccination, recovery or a negative test – to be paid for. The critics of this passport and opponents of the vaccination recently raised the mood against the measure. (dpa)

Number of passengers in Germany at half the pre-crisis level

Currently half as many passengers are handled at German airports as before the corona pandemic . In the 39. Calendar week (27. September to October 3) around 2.7 million passengers were counted, as the airport association ADV announced on Saturday in Berlin. Those were 51, 6 percent less than in the corresponding week 2019, but 158, 1 percent more than a year ago.

Compared to the previous week, almost 100. 000 additional passengers arrived , A DV Managing Director Ralph Beisel out. “The expectations are being confirmed and encouraging us to October high in demand development .” The growth is concentrated on typical business destinations and airports in places where the autumn vacation would have already started. (dpa)

Greece relaxes corona measures

In Greece from this Saturday on there will be numerous easing for vaccinated and convalescent people . Bars, restaurants and cafés, but also other closed rooms such as fitness studios and cinemas, may in future allow the maximum number of guests . The prerequisite is that the visitors have been vaccinated or have demonstrably recovered from a corona infection in the past six months. Distance rules and mask requirements are no longer applicable in these areas .

The easing should initially apply to 15 days apply, then the step is reevaluated , the Greek media reported on Saturday. The police have already announced that they will strictly control the evidence of those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered. Nevertheless, some Greek scientists raised concerns . “I think we are getting the wrong message,” said Giorgos Boulbasakos, director of a lung clinic in Athens, to Mega TV station on Saturday. Among other things, he called for mandatory vaccinations for employees in the catering industry.

In Greece there is already a mandatory vaccination for employees in the health sector . With the easing, the Greek government wants to encourage the unvaccinated in particular to get vaccinated. In Greece, around 6.3 million of the country’s eleven million inhabitants are fully vaccinated . The number of new infections has recently risen sharply, especially in northern Greece, including in the port city of Thessaloniki. Nevertheless, the easing should also take effect there. (dpa)

In the year 2020 significantly more mental illnesses worldwide

The number of mental illnesses has increased enormously worldwide as a result of the pandemic. In the Covid year 2020 there was according to one Study estimated 53 Millions of cases of major depressive disorders and 76 Millions of cases of anxiety disorders in addition to the virus crisis This corresponds globally to an increase of 28 or 26 percent, write researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia and the University of Washington in the journal “The Lancet”. Governments around the world urgently need to follow the trend take countermeasures, according to the researchers.

In Germany, the growth rate was just under 17 Percentage still comparatively low. The increase was significantly greater in France, Spain and Italy, for example, according to data from the researchers. However, there was no information from many countries, especially from countries with low and middle incomes. Further surveys are necessary.

According to this, younger people are worst affected. The lack of interaction with peers, school closings and the fear of unemployment are important factors, said co-author Alize Ferrari according to a statement. In addition, mental disorders had increased significantly more in women than in men. “Unfortunately, women were increasingly affected by the social and economic consequences of the pandemic for numerous reasons.” More care and household duties as well as domestic violence in lockdown played an important role .

Damian Santomauro’s scientists from the Queensland Center for Mental Health Research (QCMHR) emphasized that this was the first study to assess the global impact of the crisis on mental disorders in 204 countries by age, gender and location quantify. Most research so far has concentrated on specific places and a short period of time.

” The meta-analysis shows that an increased Covid – 15 – infection rate and decreased people’s freedom of movement were associated with an increased prevalence of major depressive disorder and anxiety disorders, ”it said. This indicates that mental illnesses have increased particularly in the countries that were particularly affected by Corona. (dpa)

Ab Montag werden die Tests fast überall kostenpflichtig.
From Monday the tests are chargeable almost everywhere. Image: Ottmar Winter / PNN

Social association warns of “completely overpriced” prices for tests

At the end of the free corona tests from Monday warned of the social consequences for low wage earners. “We fear that there will be completely overpriced offers again,” said VdK President Verena Bentele to the newspapers of the editorial network in Germany. She criticized the fact that no cap on the costs for the tests had been planned so far.

“People with little money should also only have to pay a small contribution,” she demanded. However, there is still no regulation from the Ministry of Social Affairs. Bentele also called for more exemptions from the obligation to pay, for example for people “who have serious health concerns due to chronic illnesses or disabilities”.

The corona tests are no longer free of charge from Monday. Among other things, exceptions apply to all groups who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and who can prove this, or for whom a vaccine is not yet available. (AFP)

Russia reports new high for daily Covid – 19 – dead

Russia again recorded a high in the number of daily corona deaths on Saturday. According to government figures, died within 24 Hours 968 People from the consequences of the virus disease. In addition, were scarce 29. 400 New infections reported.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, official 215. 453 Corona deaths counted – this is the highest number in Europe. However, the Rosstat statistics agency regularly names significantly higher numbers: According to her information on Friday, more than 400. 000 People in Russia at Covid – 19.

Rosstat summarizes the definition wider than the government: while Moscow only counts the cases in which the Viru s was recorded as the primary cause of death, the Bureau of Statistics also considers cases related to the virus. Experts also assume a high number of unreported cases.

Russia is particularly badly affected by the highly contagious delta variant of the corona virus. At the same time, the Russian vaccination campaign is stalling: the Kremlin had originally set itself the goal of 54 percent of the population fully vaccinated, according to the website Gogov currently only have 30, 7 percent of Russians both Vaccination doses received . According to surveys, more than half of Russians do not want to be vaccinated. (AFP)

Worldwide more than 237 Million infected people and over 5, 04 Million deaths

Worldwide more than 237, 22 Millions of people have been proven to have the coronavirus infected . This gives a Reuters count based on official data. Since the first cases in December 2019 in the Chinese Wuhan, more than 5 died worldwide, 04 Millions of people with or on the virus.

The USA has the highest number of infections and deaths worldwide . There the health authorities registered within 24 hours around 136. New infections, overall it is since the outbreak the pandemic 43, 30 Millions of cases . The number of deaths related to the virus increased by at least 3182 on 715. 184. (Reuters)

Ein Schild an einer Eingangstür weist auf die 3G-Regel hin.
A sign on an entrance door indicates the 3G rule. Image: Imago Images

Apparently 3G rule planned for employees with customer contact

The federal and state health ministers will again discuss a nationwide test on Monday of employees with customer contact. In a draft resolution that is available to “Business Insider”, it says: “The federal states agree that the 3G verification requirement, which is now regulated in many federal states, is a prerequisite for access to companies, facilities or other offers with direct customer contact not only apply to customers, visitors or other external persons, but also to employees. “

The states would strive for a “fundamentally uniform procedure” and implement it in state regulations in a timely manner. A test requirement can also be linked to “other parameters such as incidences”. And: “The frequency of test reports and the possibility of equivalent alternative measures can be decided individually for each area.”

For those who have recovered or who have been vaccinated, the obligation to test can obviously be omitted if an alternative such as the vaccination certificate is presented. 3G would then not only apply to customers in restaurants or hairdressers, but also at work in companies with customer contact.

It was already in mid-September attempted to introduce compulsory testing for employees. However, this failed due to resistance from some countries, for which a binding obligation for all employees went too far. Therefore, the text of the resolution planned on Monday has apparently been significantly softened. It is often only said that a uniform procedure is sought and that a test submission obligation for “employees with direct customer contact can be issued by state law” .

From Monday there are no free Citizen tests more. If you need a negative test certificate, you have to pay for it. That can then cost around twelve euros, depending on the provider. However, there is currently no statutory price cap. Exceptions apply to all groups who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and who can prove this or for whom no vaccine is yet available.

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