One fifth of ventilated patients are unvaccinated pregnant women

More than one and a half years after the outbreak of the Covid – 19 Pandemic in England, there are apparently a striking number of pregnant women in the country’s corona intensive care units who are not vaccinated against the corona virus.

As the state health service NHS, citing its own data this group makes up almost 19 percent of the seriously ill English Covid – 19 – Patients out.

According to the information, an average of one in five has been since July Patients who had to be artificially ventilated using so-called ECMO devices or lung bypasses, were unvaccinated and pregnant been even higher. According to the NHS data, in the group of 16 – to 49 – year-old intensive care patients 32 Percent off – i.e. around a third. In March 2020 the value was only six percent, they say.

tens of thousands of pregnant English women already vaccinated

Overall, according to the latest information from the British government 621 people are in English intensive care beds with Ventilators. The previous maximum value was reached at the end of January with 3736, although this value only applies to England and not generally to Great Britain.

At Comparison: According to the current daily report of the Divi Intensive Care Register, 768 intensive care patients are currently artificially ventilated in Germany, here the maximum value from the beginning of January dates with 3211.

The number of English completely vaccinated persons is currently around 37,8 million. In the 49 million part of the United Kingdom, this corresponds to a quota of more than 67 percent.

A general vaccination recommendation for pregnant women and Breastfeeding, in Germany the Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko) issued this in September.

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Since vaccinations for pregnant women were approved in England, the latest NHS data shows that more than 81. expectant mothers receive a first dose of vaccination, approximately 65. 000 are therefore twice vaccinated against Covid – 19.

Nevertheless, “more needs to be done,” said British Health Minister Sajid Javid, referring to the latest NHS surveys. According to Javid, the “very sad” data showed “the importance of expectant mothers to be vaccinated to protect themselves and their babies”.

The English Midwives Association also promoted the immunization of pregnant women. The numbers are “another clear reminder that the Covid – 19 – vaccination you, your Baby and your relatives can save from the hospital “, the chairwoman Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent is quoted in the announcement.

Stiko also sees an increased risk

For German addressees, the Stiko has a similar message. Pregnancy is “per se a relevant risk factor for severe Covid – 19 courses”, is called it in their vaccination recommendation in the Epidemiological Bulletin 38 of the RKI from the end of September.

At the same time, Stiko refers to two points of view in the document. On the one hand, she admits that there is still “limited data on the safety of Covid – 19 – vaccination during pregnancy “

On the other hand, the bulletin states:” Compared to non-pregnant women of the same age, pregnant women had a two to five times higher risk of being admitted to an intensive care unit and a two and a half times increased risk of invasive ventilation. “In the message, the NHS described the Covid – 19 Vaccination for pregnant women as safe. Therefore it is more than 100. 000 Pregnancy vaccinations in England and Scotland and others 160. 000 in the USA “there was no consequential damage for the fetus or the child”.

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