RKI reports 11,903 new infections – incidence at 65.4

Little dynamism in the infection process

In the Seven-day incidence in Germany there is little dynamic. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) gave the value of the new infections per 100 000 residents and week on Wednesday morning with 65, 4 . For comparison: on the previous day the value at 65, 8 located, one week ago at 62, 3 (previous month: 81, 9). The health authorities in Germany reported to the RKI within one day 11. 903 New corona infections . This can be seen from the numbers that show the status of the RKI dashboard from 04. 23 Play the clock. A week ago the value at 12. 547 Contagions located.

According to the new information, throughout Germany within 24 Hours 92 Deaths recorded . A week ago it was 76 there have been deaths. The RKI has counted 4 since the beginning of the pandemic. 330. 251 proven infections with Sars-CoV-2. The actual total number is likely to be significantly higher, as many infections are not detected. (dpa)

Current corona numbers live in maps and graphics

USA opens border with Canada and Mexico for vaccinated persons

The USA want to reopen their land borders with Mexico and Canada to travelers at the beginning of November. One of the prerequisites is a proven vaccination against the coronavirus , as a high-ranking White House employee announced on Wednesday. At the end of September, Washington had already announced the lifting of entry restrictions for vaccinated EU citizens and Britons by air.

That the exact date for the entry into force of the rules for entry by land and air would be announced “very soon”. These would follow the same schedule.

The entry bans that have been in force for one and a half years have recently become increasingly controversial in the USA. The then President Donald Trump had the restrictions in March 2020 due to the pandemic. Trump’s successor Joe Biden initially adhered to the entry bans after taking office in January. This caused increasing criticism in the EU and also in the USA. (AFP)

Intensivstation an der Uniklinik Greifswald
Intensive care unit at the Greifswald University Hospital Image: dpa / Jens Büttner

intensive care practitioner see no relaxation

The capacities for free beds in the intensive care units are according to the intensive care physicians relatively stable at the moment. “At the moment we are in a plateau phase, we are stagnating at around 1300 Covid intensive care patients. The situation is under control “, said Gernot Marx , President of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (DIVI), the editorial network Germany (RND).

There is no way to speak of relaxation. Furthermore be Covid – 19 but A “great burden” for intensive care medicine, but the situation in intensive care units is meanwhile “no longer always and primarily determined by Corona.” There are on average two free intensive care beds per location . “The vast majority of the patients we treat – we know this from discussions with many colleagues in large German intensive care units – are not vaccinated at all or not fully vaccinated.” (Reuters)

Bislang wurden Kinder in der Slowakei noch nicht geimpft.
Children in Slovakia have not yet been vaccinated. Image: IMP

Slovakia starts corona vaccinations of high-risk children from the age of five

Slovakia is preparing the vaccination of certain children between the ages of five and eleven against Covid – 19 before. The first vaccinations could take place “this week”, Ministry spokeswoman Zuzana Eliasova told the German Press Agency on Tuesday upon request. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has not yet approved it, but Health Minister Vladimir Lengvarsky had issued an exemption for vaccinating children aged five and over.

Eliasova refused however, point out that vaccinations for this age group will only be permitted in special risk cases and upon written request from parents . The exemption only applies to children who, in the case of Covid – 19 there is an extremely high risk of dying from it or of suffering particularly serious consequences.

The vaccinations are only allowed in three specially equipped hospitals in the country. Each individual application must be checked individually and approved by a specialist.

In September, misleading reports in German-speaking media had given the impression that things were going on in Slovakia systematically also school children under twelve years of age against Covid – 19 vaccinated. Eliasova made it clear that there has not yet been a single vaccination in this age group in Slovakia. (dpa)

Christian Drosten nimmt das RKI in Schutz
Christian Drosten takes the RKI under protection Image: dpa / Michael Kappeler

Discrepancy in vaccination quota – Drosten defends Robert Koch Institute

In the debate about the uncertainty regarding the vaccination quota in Germany, the Virologist Christian Drosten took the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) under protection. He does not consider the unilateral assignment of blame to the RKI and Lothar Wieler to be justified , said the expert from the Berlin Charité on Tuesday in the podcast “Coronavirus Update” at NDR-Info. The topic is not new either, the RKI has been pointing out the problem for a long time.

Ultimately, the public excitement about the discrepancy is “completely in vain,” said Drosten. The situation has not changed. One must reckon with the vaccination rate of the total population (and not of the adults) : The difference between the reporting system and an RKI accompanying examination is small and for the Assessment of the overall situation “irrelevant”. The accompanying study, a survey, also has some limitations. (dpa)

Thailand plans to open up to vaccinated people from safe countries

From November 1st, Thailand plans to open its borders to quarantine-free holidays for fully vaccinated people from at least ten countries – including Germany. He has the Crisis Center Center for Covid – 19 Situation Administration (CCSA) and that Health Ministry instructed to review the plan as soon as possible, said Prayut.

Other countries that should be on the list because of their low corona incidence are Singapore, China and the USA. Vacationers would then only have to do one PCR test before leaving home and another when arriving in Thailand, Prayut said. (dpa)

Federal Labor Court negotiates first corona dispute

With the payment of mini-jobbers during the closure of specialist shops in the Corona lockdown is on Wednesday (9th 00 o’clock) the Federal Labor Court in Erfurt. It is the first corona dispute to be heard by the Federal Labor Court, said a court spokeswoman. The lawsuit concerns the claim of a female mini-jobber from Lower Saxony to payment during a business closure ordered by the authorities in April 2020.

As a result, the plaintiff could not work for a month as a saleswoman in a shop for sewing machines and accessories. She insists on her payment and argues that the closure of the business during the pandemic is part of the operational risk that employers would have to bear. The lower courts upheld her complaint.

Unlike their full-time and part-time employees, retailers Do not send marginally employed persons into short-time work during the corona lockdown phases. (dpa)

Man beats employees in the Dresden corona test center

In the dispute over a free corona test, a man attacked an employee in a Dresden test center . Of the 43 – year old asked for one on Monday afternoon free test and began to discuss it with the staff, as the Dresden police reported to Dienstg.

When he was asked to leave the test center, he hit a 41 – year-old employee. Alarmed police window Officials issued reports of trespassing and bodily harm against the attacker.

Since Monday, the citizen tests are no longer free. Anyone who has not been vaccinated and wants to visit a restaurant or an event, for example, has to pay for the required corona test themselves. Exceptions apply, among other things, to those groups who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and who can prove this or for whom a vaccine is not yet available. This includes, for example, children under the age of twelve. (AFP)

Kardinal Marx hat die Relevanz der Kitas betont.
Cardinal Marx emphasized the relevance of the daycare centers. Image: IMP

Cardinal Reinhard Marx acknowledges the importance of daycare centers in the corona pandemic

According to the Archbishop of Munich, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, the corona pandemic has shown the “extraordinary importance of daycare centers”. Daycare centers are important for children, parents and families, said Marx on Tuesday during a video exchange with Catholic daycare experts, according to the announcement. Children are helped in day care centers on their way to develop into personalities. Without a group, without a community, this is not possible.

Especially for children from a difficult environment, attendance at daycare is important in order to make progress, said Marx. The head of the education department of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising, Sandra Krump, emphasized the special importance of emergency care and the pedagogical attention of the educators to the children, especially after they were in after the lockdown phases their facility could come back. (epd)

German biotec company Curevac gives first Vaccine Candidates on

The Tübingen biotech company Curevac is giving up its first corona vaccine candidate. The company announced on Tuesday that it would now focus on the second-generation corona vaccine in collaboration with the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline. Clinical trials should begin here in the next few months. The pandemic is developing into an endemic, which is changing public health needs, said Curevac boss Franz-Werner Haas.

In contrast, the first-generation CVnCoV drug will be withdrawn from the ongoing approval process, it said . This also ends the preliminary contract with the European Commission. Curevac is examining to what extent the commitments entered into in this context can also be transferred to the second-generation vaccine candidates. The decision was not well received by the stock market. The shares gave just under 15 Percent after. (Reuters)

Eine Frau lässt sich im sächsischen Aue in einem
A woman is given an injection in a “drive vaccination” in Aue in Saxony. Image: Robert Michael / dpa

75, 9 percent of adults in Germany fully vaccinated

In Germany are 65, 3 percent of the population fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. The rate among adults is 75, 9 percent, according to data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) on Tuesday. Have been vaccinated against the virus at least once 68, 6 percent of all citizens, and 79, 4 percent the adults. More than 50 Millions of citizens are fully vaccinated according to the Federal Ministry of Health.

Among the children and adolescents of 12 until 17 years have meanwhile 43, 3 percent get at least one first injection, 37, 2 percent are fully vaccinated.

The RKI assumes, however, that probably more people among adults are vaccinated than the data suggest. In a report at the beginning of October it was said that the quota for once and completely vaccinated persons had decreased 18 years up to five percentage points higher.

Over a million people in Germany have already received a booster vaccination. The RKI gave the value on Tuesday with 1.0 044. 188 at. (dpa)

2020 there was 70 Percent fewer passengers in long-distance buses

The pandemic has put a significant strain on the long-distance bus business. The number of passengers in regular bus services went down in the year 2020 around 70 percent to almost 6.5 million Passengers back, as the Federal Statistical Office announced on Tuesday in Wiesbaden.

International trips were affected somewhat more by the declines: According to the information, there were domestic traffic 4.8 million passengers (minus 65 percent) and on cross-border traffic 1.7 million passengers (minus 74 percent) . “The stronger declines in cross-border traffic are likely to be due, among other things, to travel warnings and border closings,” said the statisticians.

The transport performance, i.e. the distance covered by all passengers, was also calculated. This has changed compared to the year before the crisis 2019 also at 70 percent reduced to almost 1.9 billion passenger kilometers . The average occupancy rate of the spaces per long-distance bus was also 44 percent below the previous year’s value (54 percent). The degree of utilization is calculated according to the information by the relation of the passenger-kilometers to the transport offer. (dpa)

Der brasilianische Präsident Jair Bolsonaro leugnet weiter die Gefahr, die vom Coronavirus ausgeht.
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro continues to deny the danger posed by the corona virus. Image: / Ueslei Marcelino / Reuters

President of Brazil Bolsonaro finds questions about corona deaths boring

The Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro can have questions about the Corona -Don’t hear the dead anymore. He does not want to ask questions about the threshold of over 230. 000 Deaths related to Covid get bored, he says during a public appearance on a beach in Guaruja in the state of Sao Paulo . “In which country did no people die? Tell me!” he answers a reporter to a question about the corona deaths . “I didn’t come here to be bored.” In Brazil, according to official information 601. 0 11 people at or mi t died from the coronavirus.

is the largest and most populous country in Latin America after the USA and India also with almost 22 Millions of cases the most infections. Live in Brazil 210 Millions of people; the country is 24 times as big as Germany .

Bolsonaro played down the coronavirus from the start and rejected protective measures and restrictions. He also doubts the sense of vaccinations and has emphasized several times that he has not yet been vaccinated against Corona. A parliamentary committee of inquiry into his government’s corona crisis management is running.

Tens of thousands demonstrated against Bolsonaro several times in the past few months. On Friday, on the Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro – organized by the non-governmental organization “Rio de Paz” – symbolically 600 white towels hung up. (Reuters, dpa)

Why the number of vaccinated intensive care patients is increasing

Sociologist: Around half of those who oppose the vaccination are politically motivated

According to the Göttinger Sociologist Berthold Vogel are 50 until 60 Percentage of anti-vaccination cases politically motivated. That is “not primarily an expression of medical concerns, but a reason additional protests against democracy and its institutions, “said Vogel the Evangelical Press Service. This group, probably a little more than half of those who have not yet been vaccinated, will not accept offers for immunization in the future either, according to the social researcher.

I am convinced that we can reach the rest and decisively increase the vaccination rate with outreach vaccinations and 2G “, said the director of the Sociological Research Institute Göttingen (SOFI).

From Vogel’s point of view, politically motivated opponents of vaccination have a large overlap with “grassroots” and AfD supporters. Current research findings have shown a clear correlation between a low vaccination rate and a high percentage of votes for the AfD. Rather, the politically motivated vaccine opponents mostly belong to the middle class and are well qualified. ”

From Vogel’s point of view, the so-called“ late vaccinations ”do not yet make up about a fifth of them Vaccinated out. “I count people living in isolation in this group. They lack the social environment that encourages them to vaccinate, ”said the sociologist. These people did not refuse the vaccination for health reasons either. In the absence of social pressure, they simply did not feel confronted with the decision.

As a third group, Vogel defined workers with insecure traffic jams . “You are often very worried about contacts with authorities. Many also perceive vaccination as a social risk, ”explained Vogel. Experience of many municipalities has shown that these people are ready to be vaccinated if their fears are taken away from them beforehand. (epd)

Der britischer Premier Boris Johnson
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Image: AFP / Christopher Furlong

throws parliamentary report Johnson made serious mistakes before

A parliamentary report gave British Prime Minister Boris Johnson a bad testimonial for his Dealing with the coronavirus issued. Delaying a lockdown at the beginning of the pandemic last year was “one of the greatest public health failures” in the country’s history, it said in the investigation report released on Tuesday. The government’s “wrong” approach cost lives.

The MPs not only criticized the government for late-breaking curfews for their own people – they also pointed out that Great Britain had tightened its border controls very late. Accordingly, the government initially underestimated the corona virus and worked with the wrong models the report.

Members of Parliament had heard numerous witnesses for their report, including the controversial ex-advisor to Johnson , Dominic Cummings , who himself was criticized for disregarding quarantine rules after his Covid illness. An independent public investigation of the government’s corona policy should not follow until next year.

Great Britain is with almost 138. 000 Corona deaths one of the worst affected countries by the pandemic in Europe. While numerous European Governments beginning 2020 had already sealed off their borders and issued lockdowns, Johnson was only able to bring himself to do so at the end of March. Shortly thereafter, Johnson himself landed in intensive care with a corona infection, and numerous of his cabinet colleagues and advisors became infected. At that time, his advisors had long plans for one controlled “contamination” of the population circulated. (AFP)

Australiens Premier Scott Morrison (Archivbild)
Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison (archive image) Image: dpa / AAP / Lukas Coch

Canberra wants to unlock lockdown after two months

After two months, the lockdown in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) region with the Australian capital Canberra will be lifted on Friday. This is possible because meanwhile 72 Percent of citizens are fully vaccinated , said the Regional government on Tuesday with. On Monday the lockdown in the state of New South Wales with the metropolis of Sydney had already ended – after 106 days. The region around Canberra is on the east coast and is surrounded by New South Wales.

In the ACT, groups of up to 25 Meet people outdoors and up to five people in their homes, it said. Restaurants, hairdressers and swimming pools as well as many other facilities can also reopen if strict distance rules are observed.

In mid-August, the ACT with around 430. 000 residents confirmed a corona case for the first time in a year. A lockdown, initially imposed for seven days, was extended several times due to the increasing number of infections. On Tuesday the authorities booked 26 new cases.

Australia with its 25 million inhabitants had long pursued a zero covid strategy and was successful in combat for a long time due to extremely strict rules against the pandemic. However, due to the spread of the delta variant, lockdowns have increased in several regions in recent months. (dpa)

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