RKI reports 12,382 new infections – the incidence is 67

Little dynamism in the corona infection process

In the seven-day Incidence in Germany there is little dynamic. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) gave the value of the new infections per 100. 000 residents and Week on Thursday morning with 67, 0 at. For comparison: on the previous day the value at 65, 4 located in front of one Week at 62, 6 (previous month: 81,1). The health authorities in Germany reported to the RKI within one day 12. 382 New Corona infections . This can be seen from the numbers that show the status of the RKI dashboard from 04. 14 Play the clock. A week ago the value at 12. 644 Infections located.

According to the new information, throughout Germany within 24 Hours 72 Deaths recorded. A week ago it was 68 there have been deaths. The RKI has counted 4 since the beginning of the pandemic. 342. 640 proven infections with Sars-CoV-2. The actual total number is likely to be significantly higher, as many infections are not detected. (dpa)

Current corona numbers live in maps and graphics

Australian state of Victoria with record numbers

The number of new corona infections in the Australian state of Victoria with the megacity of Melbourne continues to rise – although the region on the east coast has been in lockdown for more than two months and has already been more than 60 percent of the population are fully vaccinated . On Thursday the authorities reported 2236 New infections within 24 hours, an increase of 700 cases compared to the previous day. A record: Never has a state or territory reported so many new infections since the pandemic began.

If 70 percent of the population have received two doses of vaccine, the regional government still wants to introduce the first easing. This is expected to be the case next week, said regional premiere Daniel Andrews. “We have an agreement with the people of Victoria: you get vaccinated and we will relax. And I do what I say. “ Victoria is in lockdown for the sixth time.

The neighboring state of New South Wales with the metropolis of Sydney , which has long been hardest hit by the current outbreak, had its a few days ago strict lockdown according to 106 days ended. There the numbers go down.

Australia with its around 25 million inhabitants has been since the beginning of the crisis largely isolated from the outside world. Due to the progress of the vaccination campaign, however, the government plans to reopen the country’s international borders for the first time in November. Fully vaccinated Australians will then be able to travel abroad again. It is still unclear when tourists can return to Down Under. (dpa)

Straßenszene in Rio de Janeiro
Street scene in Rio de Janeiro Image: dpa / Tomaz Silva / Agencia Brazil

Brazil has more than 100 Millions vaccinated

Around ten months after the start of the nationwide vaccination campaign in Brazil is more than 100 Millions of Brazilians completely vaccinated against the coronavirus . This corresponds to 61, 5 percent of the target group over 18 – year-olds, it said in a message from the Ministry of Health in Brasília on Wednesday (local time). The mark should continue to rise until the end of October, also because the Ministry of Health will soon announce the arrival of more than 51, 5 million doses of corona vaccines expected.

While major cities like Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo have considered making mask compulsory under certain To loosen the conditions, to try out festivals with thousands of visitors as well as samba groups for the carnival 2022 practice, the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro does not want to be vaccinated anymore . “I see new studies, my immunization is high”, justified Bolsonaro in an interview with the radio station “Jovem Pan”.

The right-wing head of state played down the corona virus from the start and rejected protective measures and restrictions. He also doubts the sense of vaccinations and has emphasized several times that he has not yet vaccinated against corona may be. A parliamentary committee of inquiry into his government’s corona crisis management is running. Tens of thousands demonstrated against Bolsonaro several times in the past few months. Brazil had the mark of 536 000 Corona deaths exceeded. (dpa)

Bavaria’s Christmas markets without masks and 3G

Christmas markets in Bavaria can be without a 3G rule, mask requirement , but take place with alcohol. This provides for a concept jointly agreed on Wednesday by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economics. It was also said that fencing the market area was not necessary. At the end of September, the state government had decided that Christmas markets should take place this year.

In view of the ongoing pandemic situation, infection protection has priority. Therefore, there will be clear rules in the markets, such as distance requirements and measures to guide visitors. In addition, the organizer is required to provide information to visitors and stand operators, as well as the creation of sufficient washing facilities. According to the Ministry of Health, a detailed general hygiene concept for the markets will be presented promptly. (KNA)

Problems with British vaccination certificate are troubling travelers

Due to temporary problems with the UK online vaccination certificate, plans by travelers in the UK were thwarted on Wednesday. As the National Health Service NHS announced on Twitter, the online certificates were temporarily unavailable via the app and website. The PA news agency reported that some travelers had been turned away by the airlines at the airport because they were unable to show their vaccination status. The certificates were later available again, as the NHS announced. (dpa)

WHO proposes Drosten for international advisory board

The World Health Organization (WHO) has proposed the Berlin virologist Christian Drosten as a member of an important new advisory board. The advisory board should develop guidelines for future studies on the origin of pandemics and epidemics and oversee investigations, as the WHO reported in Geneva on Wednesday. The advisory board is a reaction to the international investigation into the origin of the coronavirus, which has long been delayed by China.

The virus popped up in the end 2019 for the first time in Wuhan, China. The foreign experts proposed by the WHO were only allowed to travel to China more than twelve months later, at the beginning of this year. China does not want to allow a further investigation on site. The US government accuses China of withholding information from the experts. Beijing accuses the US and other countries of the pandemic and the search for the origin for political attacks.

The WHO hopes that such investigations will in future be prepared through the Advisory Council and then carried out without political disputes between governments can go. (dpa)

Bremen ist bei den Impfquoten obenauf.
Bremen is on top of the vaccination rates. Image: Jochen Luebke / dpa

Bremen is the first federal state to crack 80 – Percentage mark for first vaccinations

Bremen was the first German federal state to achieve the main target in the German vaccination campaign. As can be seen from data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), are 80 Percentage of Bremen residents at least vaccinated once against the coronavirus .

Also with 76, 5 percent of those fully vaccinated, Bremen is at the top in a national comparison. Saxony has the lowest vaccination rates : In the Free State, according to the data, 58, 3 percent first vaccinated and 55, 6 percent completely immunized.

In Germany, according to the RKI 65, 4 Percent of the population fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. The rate among adults is therefore 76 Percent.

Have been vaccinated against the virus at least once, according to the information 68, 6 percent of all citizens and 79, 4 percent of adults. More than 54 Millions of people are according to the Federal Ministry of Health fully vaccinated, more than 55 Millions vaccinated at least once .

Among the children and adolescents of 11 until 17 years have meanwhile 43, 5 percent get at least one first injection , 37, 5 percent are fully vaccinated.

However, the RKI assumes that probably more people are vaccinated among adults than the data suggest. In a report at the beginning of October it was said that the quota for once and completely vaccinated persons had decreased 18 years up to five percentage points higher. (dpa)

According to a report by the Robert Koch Institute, more people have already been vaccinated than statistically recorded. How can that be?


Highest level of new infections in Latvia

In Latvia the number has new corona infections reached a new high. The health authorities in Riga reported on Wednesday 367 positive tests within one day. The previous record in the Baltic EU country of 1861 was at 31. December 2020. In the last 14 days were according to official information 993, 4 new infections per 100 000 residents registered.

In view of the renewed spread of the coronavirus, the government in Riga has declared a state of emergency. It is valid from Monday until 11. January. Associated with this are restrictions on both vaccinated and non-vaccinated people, which restrict public life and economic activities.

In Latvia, only just under half of the 1.9 million inhabitants are fully vaccinated against Corona. The government has been trying for months with only moderate success to increase the population’s low willingness to vaccinate . A corona vaccination obligation has been established for public service employees and certain occupational groups. The state airline Air Baltic announced on Wednesday that all employees are required to be vaccinated. (dpa)

One-time payment for vaccinated seniors in Lithuania

Lithuania wants to motivate seniors in the Corona crisis with a financial incentive to vaccinate. The parliament in Vilnius voted on Wednesday a one-off payment of 75 Euro for newly vaccinated people over 75 years to. The project was justified with the low vaccination rate in this age group.

Seniors who have not received a vaccination by September 1st and have received a full vaccination by December 1st should be entitled to the payment be vaccinated . Fully vaccinated seniors who receive another dose of an approved corona vaccine for a booster by April 1 should also be granted financial aid.

In Lithuania, the corona numbers have increased significantly in the past few weeks. In the past 14 days were according to official information 998, 5 new infections per 100. 000 residents registered. In the Baltic state with almost three million inhabitants are 67, 7 percent of the population fully vaccinated against Corona or recovered from it. (dpa)

New Corona rules in Italy: Big concerns in freight traffic

In Italy, before the planned expansion of the Corona Pass to the world of work from Friday, concerns about the consequences for the economy are growing. Freight transport workers in particular could become a problem. According to media reports, the workers in the important port of the northern Italian city of Trieste threatened with a blockade if the government in Rome does not require proof of corona vaccination, recovery or a negative one Drop the test.

From the 15. October employees have to show the so-called green passport when they come to work. The regulation has already caused nationwide protests and riots. In Italy around 65 Percentage of people over twelve years of age at least one vaccination dose against Covid – 19 obtain.

The logistics industry warned of delivery problems and empty shelves. Many drivers are from abroad and did not have the “Green Passport” because they were not vaccinated or the vaccination from their home countries was not recognized, according to the Fiap association. (dpa)

New vaccination campaign in Switzerland: No vouchers for convincers

Die Switzerland wants to increase the relatively low vaccination rate against corona infection with new initiatives. From the 8th to 14. November there will be a national vaccination week , as the government announced on Wednesday in Bern. Until Wednesday there were scarce in Switzerland in relation to the total population 61 percent complete vaccinated. In Germany it was good 62 Percent. The 14 – Day incidence of newly reported infections was per 100. 000 inhabitants at just under 150.

The vaccination initiative includes an information campaign in all n media as well as more mobile vaccination sites. People who are still unsure are offered individual discussions with trained staff. The government provides scarce 100 Millions Francs (good 93 million euros) available.

The idea of ​​giving people who convince others to vaccinate with a voucher for 50 Francs (around 46 Euro) for a visit to a restaurant, for example, was discarded . Health Minister Alain Berset had proposed this, but he hardly found approval in the cantons. (dpa)

Southwest stricter test obligation for employees with customer contact

Baden-Württemberg wants tighten the corona test obligation for unvaccinated employees in companies with public traffic. Employees in restaurants or hairdressing salons, for example, will have to be tested for the coronavirus twice a week. Vaccinated and recovered employees do not have to be tested. So far, such a test obligation has only applied to unvaccinated employees with external contact if the corona situation in the south-west has worsened significantly, i.e. in the so-called warning and alert levels.

The country reacts with the tightening to a decision of the conference of health ministers on Monday. Then the paragraph 25 in the Infection Protection Act as the legal basis for the introduction of such a test obligation. The measure is part of the new Corona regulation in Baden-Württemberg, which is to be announced shortly. (dpa)

RKI-Chef Lothar Wieler verteidigt sich gegen Kritik.
RKI boss Lothar Wieler defends himself against criticism. Image: Imago Images / Jürgen Heinrich

RKI boss Wieler: We didn’t make any mistakes with vaccination quotas

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has rejected responsibility for the officially reported vaccination rates in Germany that are apparently too low. “The RKI can only publish the vaccination data that has been transmitted to it accordingly,” said President Lothar Wieler. A coverage that is too low does not represent “an error or neglect by the RKI”, but rather goes back to the failure to report from some vaccinating agencies Determination of the vaccination quota depends on the so-called digital vaccination quota monitoring (DIM), writes the RKI. The application and reliability of this reporting system is “solely in the hands of the vaccinating bodies (vaccination centers, vaccination teams, hospitals, medical practices, company doctors)”.

A week ago the RKI wrote in a report, among other things, that probably more people were vaccinated among adults than the official data suggest. This is indicated, among other things, by a survey of citizens. So the quota for once and completely vaccinated persons should decrease 18 Years up to five percentage points higher. After the publication of this report there had been, among other things, criticism of RKI boss Wieler. (dpa)

France’s government wants controversial Corona -Passport extend

The French government wants the controversial health passport to fight the corona pandemic by the summer 2022 can use. The cabinet in Paris discussed a corresponding bill on Wednesday, which was submitted to the AFP news agency. Accordingly, the penalties for falsified health passports should be up to five years imprisonment and 75. 000 euros can be raised.

In France, the health passport must be presented for many events and in many public places. He has a full corona vaccination, a recovery from Covid – 19 or a negative corona test.

Originally, the health pass was only valid until 15. November are to be used. According to the draft law, the government must submit to parliament by the end of February at the latest 2022 explain the reasons for an extension of the passport. The legal basis for the imposition of curfews and the closing of businesses in the event of a new flare-up of the pandemic should also apply until the summer. (AFP)

Allein in Irland sollen Hunderte Passagiere der Fluggesellschaft betroffen sein.
In Ireland alone, hundreds of airline passengers are said to be affected . Image: Boris Roessler / dpa

Ryanair apparently closes customers because of disputes over pandemic flights the end

Due to disputes about ticket refunds during the corona pandemic h at Ryanair media reports say that passengers were denied check-in and only allowed on board after the claims were settled . As the “Irish Times” reported on Wednesday, hundreds of travelers are affected in Ireland alone. According to information from the British newspaper “Guardian”, there are also several cases in Great Britain.

It is about so-called chargebacks. Because the Irish low-cost airline did not reimburse them for flights they had not taken because of the pandemic, travelers took the opportunity to get the money back through the credit card company. Ryanair apparently noted the names and details of these passengers and refused to board them on flights booked later, as previously reported by the “aerotelegraph.com” portal. The company sees itself in the right and referred to the terms and conditions.

The persons concerned had bought non-refundable tickets for flights , which were carried out as planned despite the pandemic, said a Ryanair spokeswoman for the Irish Times. The chargebacks via the credit card company were “unlawful”. The airline spoke of a “tiny minority” of less than 850 traveler . These passengers would not be taken back until they had paid their debts. As reported by “Irish Times” and “Guardian”, many of those affected only found out about the lock shortly before the start of their journey. They were able to book the new flight anyway.

Only recently did the British competition authority investigate Ryanair and British market leader British Airways in these cases Reference to the unclear legal situation discontinued. (dpa)

Biden’s order has heightened political opposition to vaccinations, making them yet another accelerator made of polarization. We believe that private employers should be allowed to impose their own vaccination requirements. (…) If employers require vaccinations, some workers are likely to quit or be made redundant and they (the companies) may have difficulty replacing them. If companies fail to adhere to these (vaccination requirements), they could receive a warning from the government. (…) Many Americans have a financial cushion thanks to pandemic-related bridging payments and therefore do not have to work. (…) There are many reports from teachers, bus drivers and health care workers who quit because of (vaccination) obligations. (…) Fortunately, the virus is ebbing again and booster vaccinations should reduce the number of infections and deaths. But the damage done by Biden to the US economy and individual freedom could prove to be more persistent.

Commantar in the “Wall Street Journal”

I would be very much in favor of us doing at least 3-G. This will also be the case with concerts and events. The discussion is a little more difficult at church services. But I think we shouldn’t undermine social vaccination efforts. (…) The church should not become a refuge for vaccine skeptics because we think that a service should be accessible in any case.

The evangelical theologian Thies Gundlach

Image: Imago Images

Der Schriftzug von Boeing ist am Hauptsitz  in Chicago angebracht.
The Boeing logo is attached to the headquarters in Chicago. Image: Joel Lerner / Xinhua / dpa

Compulsory vaccination for 125. Employees at the US aircraft manufacturer Boeing

The US aircraft manufacturer Boeing is leading under an issued by President Joe Biden Order for U.S. federal agency contractors to be vaccinated. “By December 8th, the approximately 125. 000 US employees either provide proof of vaccination or take recognized, reasonable protective measures as a result of a disability or sincere religious beliefs, “says Boeing. Also the US airlines American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, JetBlue Airways and Alaska Airlines as well as the aircraft parts manufacturer Spirit AeroSystems declare that they will adhere to the deadline prescribed by Biden. (Reuters)

Die Virologen Christian Drosten und Sandra Ciesek.
The virologists Christian Drosten and Sandra Ciesek. Image: dpa

Drosten about excitement about vaccination quota: “The total slapstick”

In the debate about the precise vaccination quota In Germany, the virologist Christian Drosten has taken the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) under protection. He does not consider the unilateral assignment of blame to the RKI and Lothar Wieler to be justified, said the expert from the Berlin Charité on Tuesday in the podcast “Coronavirus Update” at NDR-Info. The topic is not new either, the RKI has been pointing out the problem for a long time.

According to a report According to an RKI vaccination survey that appeared last week, probably more people among adults in this country are vaccinated than the data from the reporting system suggest. years should be up to 5 percentage points higher. The RKI had already reported in August of a “certain uncertainty” in the interpretation of vaccination quota data.

Ultimately, the public excitement about the discrepancy ” completely free, ”said Drosten. The situation has not changed. “That is just the total riot of what happened there.” You have to reckon with the vaccination rate of the entire population (and not of adults), said Drosten: This is the difference between the reporting system and the RKI -Company study low and “irrelevant” for the assessment of the overall situation. The accompanying study, a survey, also has some limitations.

Drosten also advocated loosening corona protective measures only gradually: “The most important thing is to close the vaccination picks. And then we open step by step, one step at a time. “ The quota should be increased” as high as possible “.

It was the 100. Follow the podcast. According to NDR, the format is to be continued in the coming weeks with shorter episodes than last. In essence, however, he considers his project of providing scientific information in this way to be over since vaccines have become widely available, said Drosten. Science delivered. “The whole thing is now the task of politics.”

From February 2020 on Drosten had informed about findings on Sars-CoV-2 in the multiple award-winning format, initially daily. is now published the podcast usually every two weeks. Drosten and the virologist Sandra Ciesek take turns.

The An expert from Frankfurt said on Tuesday that the further development of the pandemic in Germany is currently difficult to assess. However, it has often been observed that the number of infections increases again after the school holidays.

Ciesek criticized it the so-called hospitalization incidence (Covid – 18 – new admissions to clinics within seven days) “as the measure of all things”: According to the virologist, the indicator depicts the actual exposure imprecisely in many ways. She spoke out in favor of taking a closer look at the location of the university hospitals, as these are the Covid – 18 – patients treated with priority. Even within individual hospitals, departments are stressed to different degrees. The NDR also reported a major delay in reporting.

Drosten said it was no wonder that the relatively new reporting obligation did not work smoothly – you could but also not “just improve quickly”. (dpa)

USA opens border to Canada and Mexico for vaccinated people

The USA want to reopen their land borders with Mexico and Canada to travelers at the beginning of November. One of the prerequisites is a proven vaccination against the coronavirus , as a high-ranking White House employee announced on Wednesday. At the end of September, Washington had already announced the lifting of entry restrictions for vaccinated EU citizens and Britons by air.

The exact date for the entry into force of the rules for entry by land and air would be announced “very soon”. These would follow the same schedule.

The entry bans that had been in place for one and a half years were recently increasingly controversial in the USA. The then President Donald Trump had the restrictions in March 2020 due to the pandemic. Trump’s successor Joe Biden initially adhered to the entry bans after taking office in January. This caused increasing criticism in the EU and also in the USA. (AFP)

Intensivstation an der Uniklinik Greifswald
Intensive care unit at the Greifswald University Hospital Image: dpa / Jens Büttner

Intensive care physicians do not see any relaxation

The capacities for free beds in the intensive care units are down Information from intensive care physicians is currently relatively stable. “At the moment we are in a plateau phase, we are stagnating at around 1300 Covid intensive care patients. The situation is under control, “said Gernot Marx , President of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and Emergency Medicine (DIVI), the editorial network Germany (RND).

However, there is no way to speak of relaxation. Furthermore be Covid – 19 but a “great burden” for intensive care medicine, the situation in the intensive care units is meanwhile “no longer always and primarily determined by Corona.” There are on average two free intensive care beds per location . “The vast majority of the patients we treat – we know this from discussions with many colleagues in large German intensive care units – are not vaccinated at all or not fully vaccinated.” (Reuters)

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