RKI registers very high incidences in children and adolescents

Besonders bei Kindern und Jugendlichen steigen die Corona-Zahlen derzeit wieder.
Especially among children and adolescents, the corona numbers are currently rising again. Image: dpa / Jens Büttner

RKI: Partly very high corona incidences in children and adolescents

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) registers a particularly high number of corona infections among children and adolescents in individual regions of Germany. In eight counties, the seven-day incidence is currently at 10- until 19 – year olds with more than 500, the RKI tweeted on Thursday evening for an evaluation in the new Corona weekly report. More detailed information on the counties and their respective numbers were not given, but on a map the counties were colored accordingly.

Nationwide, the seven-day incidence had passed Week in the age groups under 19 years but slightly decreased compared to the previous week, it was said in summary. The values ​​in people over 20 rose slightly. The RKI also spoke of 636 reported school breakouts for the past four weeks – due to possible late registrations, the past two weeks in particular are not yet to be assessed.

For some time now, numerous corona infections have been found, especially in children from school age and in adolescents. The virus is tested regularly at daycare centers and schools. The Covid – 19 – Vaccines have been released so far 12 years. The vaccination rate at 11- until 17 – year olds is much lower than that of adults. Children and adolescents are significantly less likely to get seriously ill with Covid – 18 than older people, but there are still open Questions about long-term consequences. (dpa)

Great Britain relaxes Entry requirements

Great Britain relaxes the entry requirements. Vaccinated passengers from countries with low infection rates no longer have to undergo extensive corona tests , the government in London announced. The tourism industry had complained that the tests and complicated rules had prevented an increase in air travel in the summer. (Reuters)

USA: Booster vaccinations with Moderna recommended

After the approval of corona booster vaccinations for the elderly and risk groups with the funds from Biontech / Pfizer, a panel of experts from the US Medicines Agency FDA also pronounced for such vaccinations with the means of Moderna. People vaccinated with Moderna older than 65 years, as well as younger people who are exposed to a higher risk due to previous illnesses or their job should Get a booster vaccination with half a dose of the drug at least six months after your previous second vaccination dose , the panel decided on Thursday.

The panel’s recommendations are not binding, but the FDA typically follows them . The FDA had previously approved a booster vaccination for older people and risk groups with the agent from Biontech / Pfizer, these vaccinations have already started in the USA.

On Friday the panel of experts wants to advise on possible booster vaccinations for people with the means vaccinated by Johnson & Johnson . Around 170 Millions of people in the US are with the funds of Biontech / Pfizer or Moderna vaccinated, round 15 Millions with that of Johnson & Johnson. (dpa)

Romania sends Covid patients to Hungary because of overload

Because of overcrowded intensive care units, Romania is sending seriously ill Covid – 19 – patients for treatment in neighboring Hungary. As the Ministry of Health announced in Bucharest on Thursday, were the first 10 Patients who need intensive medical care, accompanied by medical teams on the way. Hungary has agreed to 50 patients to take over.

Romania is one of the EU-wide countries with the most dramatic corona situation. On Thursday none of the countrywide 1500 More free beds in intensive care units that are reserved for corona patients. Even in the capital Bucharest, patients often wait for days in hospital corridors for free places in intensive care units and are only given makeshift care there, as the media reported.

The 14 – day incidence has been rising steeply for weeks and was most recently around 860 New infections per 100. 000 Resident. Barely 35 Percent of Romanians have full corona vaccination protection. Critics accuse the government of not promoting vaccination enough. The government, in turn, blames the anti-vaccination campaigns for the lack of willingness to vaccinate. (dpa)

USA donate more 17 Millions of vaccine doses to Africa

The USA wants more 17 Donate millions of vaccine doses from the US pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson to the countries of the African Union (AU) . This was announced by US President Joe Biden on Thursday at a meeting with Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta in Washington. Millions of vaccine doses donated to the AU. The Johnson vaccine unfolds its full effect after administration of one dose and – unlike the vaccines from Biontech / Pfizer and Moderna – does not have to be injected twice.

In total, more than 8.4 million corona cases were registered in Africa, including 214. 000 deaths. According to WHO, less than half of the African countries that have received vaccines have fully vaccinated around two percent of their population on average. In addition to the lack of a vaccine, there are also capacity problems for the low vaccination rates responsible in many countries. (dpa)

Der internationale Pharmakonzern Astrazeneca will ein neues Corona-Medikament auf den Markt bringen.
The international pharmaceutical company Astrazeneca wants to bring a new corona drug onto the market. Image: dpa / Georg Wendt

EMA starts testing corona drug from Astrazeneca

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has started testing a corona drug developed by the British-Swedish pharmaceutical manufacturer Astrazeneca. The step is based on “preliminary results of clinical studies”, which indicate the effectiveness of the drug against Covid – 19 the EMA said on Thursday. If the EMA gives the green light, the drug could be approved in a further step in the EU.

The drug Evusheld developed by Astrazeneca, which is also known as AZD 7442 is based on monoclonal antibodies – Artificially produced antibodies that can dock onto certain surface structures of the coronavirus. They are given to people who have already been infected to compensate for weaknesses in the immune system. Monoclonal antibodies work differently from vaccinations that the body does bring to produce its own immune response against pathogens.

Am Astrazeneca announced on Monday that studies with Evusheld had shown “positive results”. The company referred to a “statistically significant reduction in severe Covid – 19 – cases as well as death esfalls “in patients with mild to moderate symptoms who received the drug. The studies took 903 people participate. 90 Percent of the subjects were considered high-risk patients.

The corona vaccine developed by Astrazeneca belongs to to the total of four corona vaccines that have EU approval. The test procedure for Evusheld could take several months.

Several pharmaceutical manufacturers are currently working on the development of drugs to mitigate Covid – 19 – Gradients. On Monday the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche applied to the EMA to have its Corona-Med checked ikaments Ronapreve. The EMA had previously stated that it may soon begin testing a corona drug developed by the US manufacturer Merck & Co. (AFP)

The pandemic has shown the importance of a strong health system. Nursing is the largest professional group in health care and is needed by every single person.

Jens Spahn, Federal Minister of Health.

Latvia’s President tested positive for Corona

Latvia’s President Egils Levits has tested positive for the corona virus. According to the presidential chancellery in Riga, the head of state of the Baltic EU and NATO country shows slight symptoms. At Levits, a rapid test was positive on Wednesday evening after returning from a work visit to Sweden. A PCR test on Thursday confirmed the test result, said a spokeswoman for the presidential office. Levits will now work from home. Several planned physical appointments have been canceled.

Levits had previously postponed his meeting with the new Estonian President Alar Karis, who was scheduled for Thursday, who is on his inaugural visit Riga had come. On his first trip abroad as the Estonian head of state, Karis met with the Speaker of Parliament Inara Murniece instead.

The program on Karis’ second travel station also changed due to the corona infection of Levits: His Finnish counterpart Sauli Niinistö postponed the meeting scheduled in Helsinki because he had gone into self-isolation as a precaution. Niinistö took part in an international forum to commemorate the Holocaust in Malmö in Sweden on Wednesday. According to the Finnish Presidential Chancellery, he met Levits for breakfast.

Levits was one of the first in Latvia to be vaccinated against Corona in front of the camera in February. He wanted that 66 – year-olds encourage the 1.9 million citizens of the Baltic state to do the same. In Latvia the vaccination campaign is very slow. At the same time, the infection rate has increased significantly in recent weeks – the government in Riga has therefore declared an emergency. It is valid from Monday until 11. January. (dpa)

EU Medicines Agency is examining new Corona -Drug

The European Medicines Agency EMA has started the test procedure for a new corona drug . The Swedish-British manufacturer Astrazeneca developed the combination preparation Evusheld , which is a disease with Covid – 19 in adults, as the EMA announced on Thursday in Amsterdam. Initial test results indicated that the agent was effective as protection against the disease.

The experts are now continuously evaluating data from tests and weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the preparation against each other. It is not known when a final result will be available. According to the authority, the manufacturer has not yet submitted an application for approval on the European market. The drug consists of the active ingredients tixagevimab and cilgavimab.

So far, only the drug Remdesivir is available in the EU approved as a special corona drug.

Approval procedures are currently underway for five preparations. A total of three agents are currently still being examined by the experts. (dpa)

Nearly 86 Percentage of corona infections in Africa unnoticed

Nearly 85 Percent of all corona infections in Africa go unnoticed. The World Health Organization reported ( WHO ) on Thursday. This will increase the number of all infections on the continent to 59 Millions estimated – that is seven times more than the over eight million reported Cases .

The high number of unreported cases can be explained by the fact that healthcare institutions have so far focused on testing People with symptoms of the disease concentrated, resulting in extensive underreporting, according to the WHO. “ With limited testing, we are still flying blind in far too many communities in Africa … What we see just might be the tip of the iceberg, “said WHO Regional Director for Africa Matshidiso Moeti.

So far, on the continent with 1.3 billion inhabitants only 68 Millions of Covid – 19 – Tests have been reported , according to the WHO. By comparison, the United States would have more than 24 Millions of tests performed during the United Kingdom with less than ten percent of the population of Africa over 280 have performed millions of tests. (dpa)

Pacific state of Palau is approaching vaccination quota of 100 percent

The tiny Pacific state of Palau is approaching a vaccination rate of 100 percent. More than 99 Percentage of the population eligible for vaccination are already fully vaccinated against the virus according to data published on Thursday.

According to the Ministry of Health, around 15. 000 the 18. Residents receive full immunization. The International Federation of Red Cross – and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) that is more than 99 Percentage of those residents who can be vaccinated. The IFRC spoke of a “remarkable” pace of the vaccination campaign; Palau could claim the first place in the vaccination quota world ranking for itself.

Palau has long been one of the few countries that does not have a single Covid – 19 – registered case. That only changed when two travelers to Guam tested positive on arrival in August. Since then, there have been a handful of cases at the border, but no significant spread among the population. (AFP)

Women disadvantaged in vaccinations in a number of countries – study criticizes lack of information

The knowledge and the access about vaccinations against the coronavirus apparently remain unevenly distributed worldwide. This is based on a study that the aid organization Care published on Thursday in Bonn. In 16 countries have therefore had women vaccinated less often and assess the vaccine as less safe. The consequences are devastating: For example in South Sudan are only a quarter of the vaccinated women, 70 Percent of the Corona-positives are women.

Women should be specifically addressed in education and vaccination campaigns, demanded Care General Secretary Karl-Otto Zentel. Missing information about Covid – 17 are among the most common causes of a low vaccination rate among women, according to the study. So in Iraq only 30 Percentage of women surveyed stated that they knew where to register for a vaccination. One reason for the lack of confidence many women in the vaccines is the fear of accidents fertility. Other respondents said that distant health stations or a not granted vaccination permit by male relatives were major hurdles for them.

Worldwide are at the same time 70 Percentage of health workers female, it said. “Women are at the forefront of this pandemic,” warned Zentel. In low-income countries, however, many of them worked “in unpaid, informal functions” so they were not among the first to be vaccinated. Overall, less than two percent of people in low-income countries are vaccinated. (KNA)

Eine Touristin liegt im Juli 2020 auf Bali am Strand.
A tourist is in July 2019 on Bali on the beach. Picture: Firdia Lisnawati / AP / dpa

Tourists from 18 countries back to Bali – but Germans not

The popular Indonesian holiday island Bali is now receiving again fully vaccinated Tourists from selected countries – but not from Germany. “According to the instructions of the President, we allow visitors from 19 countries, again to Bali and the Riau Islands , “said a message from the government’s pandemic commissioner, Luhut Pandjaitan, on Thursday.

The states on the list include India , Japan, New Zealand, Italy, France and Spain . According to the requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO), these states have the coronavirus under control, according to Pandjaitan.

The Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali wanted to reopen for international flights on Thursday. Interested holidaymakers must enter Indonesia via Bali or the two airports on the Riau Islands in Batam and Bintan. In addition to a vaccination certificate, you need a negative PCR test and a hotel reservation. First of all, all holiday guests must also be quarantined for five days in the booked hotel.

Because of the spread of the delta variant, the Southeast Asian island state Indonesia had with 270 Millions of residents experienced a severe virus wave in June and July. Sometimes more than 50. 000 New infections reported on the day. However, the numbers have been falling for weeks. Now they are less than 1465 during the day.

Indonesia has long been one of the worst hit countries in the region. A total of 4.2 million cases have been confirmed so far. Approximately 143 000 people are in connection with Covid – 19 died. The important tourism sector has been almost completely on the ground for a year and a half. 2019 more than six million holidaymakers had traveled to the island, which is known for its temples, rice fields and beaches. (dpa)

Ende September schlossen in Sachsen wie hier in Borna die letzten Impfzentren.
At the end of September, the last vaccination centers in Saxony, like here in Borna, closed. Picture: Jan Woitas / dpa

Infection rates highest in southeast Germany – and in Bremen

The nationwide seven-day incidence is according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) from 65, 4 on 67, 0 increased. The country with the highest incidence is Thuringia with 109 , 7, followed by Bavaria with 99, 7 and Saxony with 96, 5. These are federal states in which the vaccination rate is significantly lower than in the north-west German federal states. According to the RKI, the five districts with the highest incidences are all in Bavaria on Thursday.

Bremen is an exception to the trend. There are 80 Percent of the total population vaccinated at least once, which is by far the highest vaccination rate of the total population in Germany. At the same time, the seven-day incidence is with 85, 6 well above average. (Reuters)

Australian state of Victoria with record numbers

The number of new corona infections in the Australian State of Victoria with the megacity Melbourne continues to rise – although the region on the east coast has been in for more than two months Lockdown is and already more than 60 percent of the population are fully vaccinated . On Thursday the authorities reported 2297 New infections within 24 hours, an increase of 700 cases compared to the previous day. A record: Never has a state or territory reported so many new infections since the beginning of the pandemic.

If 70 percent of the population two Having received vaccination doses, the regional government still wants to introduce the first easing. This is expected to be the case next week, said regional premiere Daniel Andrews. “We have an agreement with the people of Victoria: you get vaccinated and we will relax. And I do what I say. “ Victoria is in lockdown for the sixth time.

The neighboring state of New South Wales with the metropolis of Sydney , which had long been hardest hit by the current outbreak, had its strict lockdown a few days ago to 106 days ended. There the numbers go down.

Australia with its around 24 million inhabitants has been largely isolated from the outside world since the beginning of the crisis. Due to the progress of the vaccination campaign, the government is expected to reopen the country’s international borders for the first time in November. Fully vaccinated Australians will then be able to travel abroad again. It is still unclear when tourists can return to Down Under. (dpa)

Straßenszene in Rio de Janeiro
Street scene in Rio de Janeiro Image: dpa / Tomaz Silva / Agencia Brazil

Brazil has more than 100 Millions of people vaccinated

Around ten months after the start of the nationwide Vaccination campaign in Brazil are more than 100 Millions of Brazilians completely vaccinated against the coronavirus . This corresponds to 062, 5 percent of the target group over 18 – year-olds, it said in a message from the Ministry of Health in Brasília on Wednesday (local time). The mark should continue to rise until the end of October, also because the Ministry of Health will soon announce the arrival of more than 50, 5 million doses of corona vaccines expected.

While important cities such as Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo have considered loosening the mask requirement under certain conditions, parties with thousands of visitors are taking place on a trial basis, as well as samba groups for the carnival 2022 practice, the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro does not want to be vaccinated anymore . “I see new studies, my immunization is high”, justified Bolsonaro in an interview with the radio station “Jovem Pan”.

The right-wing head of state played down the coronavirus from the start and rejected protective measures and restrictions. He also doubts the sense of vaccinations and has emphasized several times that he has not yet been vaccinated against Corona. A parliamentary committee of inquiry into his government’s corona crisis management is running. Tens of thousands demonstrated against Bolsonaro several times in the past few months. Brazil had the mark of 512 000 Corona deaths exceeded. (dpa)

Little dynamism in the corona infection process

There is little dynamic in the seven-day incidence in Germany. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) gave the value of the new infections per 100. 000 Residents and week on Thursday morning with 67, 0 . For comparison: on the previous day the value at 65, 4 located, one week ago at 62, 6 (previous month: 81,1) . The health authorities in Germany reported to the RKI within one day 12. 382 New corona infections . This can be seen from the numbers that show the status of the RKI dashboard from 04. 14 Play the clock. A week ago the value at 12. 644 Infections located.

According to the new information, throughout Germany within 24 Hours 72 Deaths recorded. A week ago it was 68 there have been deaths. The RKI has counted 4 since the beginning of the pandemic. 342. 640 proven infections with Sars-CoV-2. The actual total number is likely to be significantly higher, as many infections are not detected. (dpa)

Current corona numbers live in maps and graphics

Bavaria’s Christmas markets without masks and 3G

Christmas markets in Bavaria can be without 3G Rule, mask compulsory, but with alcohol served. This provides for a concept jointly agreed on Wednesday by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economics. It was also said that the market area did not need to be fenced off. At the end of September, the state government had decided that Christmas markets should take place this year.

In view of the ongoing pandemic situation, infection protection has priority. Therefore, there will be clear rules in the markets, such as distance requirements and measures to guide visitors. In addition, the organizer is required to provide information to visitors and stand operators as well as the creation of sufficient washing facilities. According to the Ministry of Health, a detailed general hygiene concept for the markets will be presented promptly. (KNA)

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